What is an SSL Certificate and How It Helps Your Website to Grow

Have you ever seen your website appearing as an “unsecured site” in Google Chrome? If yes, then you must want to know the reason behind this. In this blog, we are going to discuss the same.

The most relevant reason for this issue is not having an SSL certificate that converts your web pages into secure and encrypted HTTPS pages.

A few people may believe that there’s no requirement for an SSL certificate if your site isn’t utilized to store or process very sensitive data or information, or that a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is sufficient. Learn the difference between HTTP and HTTPS: https://www.instantssl.com/https-tutorials/what-is-https.html

ssl certificate secures your website
An SSL certificate converts your web pages into secure and encrypted HTTPS pages

This theory worked for years ago, but today this will not give you benefit.

At the point when users see the “Not secure” tag that comes because of the absence of an SSL certificate, they’ll be less likely to stay on your website or interact with your organisation.

Learn more about Not Secure tag here: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/10/avoid-not-secure-warn

First of all, you need to understand what does SSL stand for.

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer and SSL certificates are some kind of data files that add a cryptographic key together with an organisation’s information and details.

In layman’s, SSL certificate binds a domain name, hostname and server name, together with a company name and its location.

When these certificates are installed on a web server, they activate a padlock that indicates that a secure and safe connection is being used between the web server and the browser.

Usually, SSLs is used to secure logins, payment transactions and data transfer.

How Does An SSL Work?

When you visit a website, then its web server with an SSL certificate sends the browser a copy of the certificate for review.

Then, the browser checks to decide whether or not it trusts that certificate. The browser makes this decision based on who signed that certificate. If it trusts, it reverts the message to the web server.

Then, the web server reverts a digitally signed affirmation and an SSL encrypted session starts.

There are many benefits of using SSL certificates.

SSL makes a secure session to enhance the safe browsing experience for your customers, it builds trust and that helps in boosting conversions.

Types of SSL Certificate:

SSLs is used to secure logins
Usually, SSLs is used to secure logins, payment transactions and data transfer
  1. Domain Validated (DV SSL) Certificates
  2. Organisation Validated (OV SSL) Certificates
  3. Extended Validation (EV SSL) Certificates

No company paperwork is needed to get Domain Validated SSL. Any website can get this almost immediately.

This doesn’t show any company details on the certificate but enough for activating the padlock in URL.

Organisation validated SSLs are more secure than DV SSL, so in order to get this certificate:

  • You need to authenticate your organisation.
  • You need to prove your right to request a certification.

After executing above two needs, you will get OV SSL in two days.

This activates padlock in the URL as well as gives some kind of site seal. You can read more about site seal here: https://www.webpagefx.com/blog/web-design/developing-trust-towards-your-website-options/

Extended Validation SSL certificates require several steps before they can be obtained. To get an EV SSL certificate:

  • You must verify the existence of your company.
  • You must verify that the identity of your company matches with official records.
  • You must verify that your company has the right to use the listed domain.
  • You must verify that your company has authorized the issuance of the SSL certificate.

EV SSL certificates are harder to obtain in comparison to others, but these are the most secure.

Anyone has to wait for several days to get such type of SSLs. This allows the company name to be shown after padlock.

You can purchase any of the above-explained SSL from some sites like Godaddy, Cloudflare etc, as per your website need and budget.

Now, giant search engines like Google and Bing have started giving importance to the sites that have SSL certificates installed on their server.

If you want to get the top ranking in the SERP then you should install any of the SSL certificates.

Most of the web designing and SEO services providing companies suggest the website owner to purchase and install the SSL certificates as per their need and budget.

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