4 tips How to Steal the website Rankings, Traffic, and Leads of Your Competitor

Update February 2022

Most of the website owners think that Search Engine Optimization can be done with just a snap of the finger, but in reality, SEO is not an easy task.

Website ranking and SEO timing

There are hundreds of possible ways through which you can improve the SEO of your site. You need to go through all the ways to check which one is best for you.

You need to figure out which procedure is really worth your time and money and which is just wasting these crucial resources.

Apart from these confusing ways, SEO can take many months to show the desired results. So, there is a possibility that you can destroy your funds before seeing the real results.

Sometimes it is advised to work smartly instead of being a hard worker. Yes, there is a legit way which can help you to bypass the effort of months.

You can prevent yourself to spend money on the wrong tactics with a very small trick.

I know, you are eager to know that way, so let’s discuss this in details.

First of all, you need to find out your “exact competitor”.  This term is related to that website which is performing much better on Google and providing the same services as yours. Apart from the services, the target audience will also be almost same.

Once you figure out your competitor then you just need to steal its ranking, traffic and leads, and to do so you need to follow four ways:

4 tips How to Steal the website Rankings, Traffic, and Leads of Your Competitor 1
The first step to begin stealing your competitors’ backlinks: Moz Link Explorer

Steal Backlinks:

Backlinks are one of the most important factors when you want to rule the SERP.

They have few super powers,

  • They can increase your search ranking.
  • They can drive quality traffic to your site.
  • They can increase brand awareness.

Now, let’s discuss the answer to “how to” of all these super powers.

First of all, you need to understand that more quality backlinks mean more priority by Google. More priority means a higher ranking in SERP so you can get top ranking with the help of quality backlinks.

When a site is giving you a link back then there are chances that the users of that site can land to your site as well.

For example, if I write here about backlinks and also I give a link of Wikipedia for further info then there is a chance of you to go to Wikipedia in order to learn backlinks deeply.

Finally, they also help you to build brand awareness in the online market.

Whenever you post anything on the internet, you should also mention about you or your website so that people can learn about you or your website.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of the backlinks in three major ways, so now you just want to know how to steal the backlinks of the competitor.

You need to understand you can’t steal the backlinks but you can steal the technique of building backlinks.

So, you need to find out the sites from which your competitor is getting links back. You can simply apply on those websites so that they can also give you a link back.

To start the process, first, you need to head up to Moz’s Open Site Explorer and enter the URL of your competitor.

In the result section, you can check the total number of external links that entire site possesses.

If they have thousands, then it’s time to dig into their backlink strategy.

Just copy the URL of the link provider site and open in new tab. Most of the sites on the internet give links back when you post some very good quality of content which can be information, case study, metrics etc.

You also need to provide some worthy content to that site and in return, you may also get the link like your competitor.

Don’t follow the strategy on every site found in the list, before copying the strategy you need to filter out the results on the basis of quality of the website.

Quality of the website can be determined through the domain authority of that website. Which is a score between 1 to 100 given by Moz. Higher number means more quality backlink you will get.

Once you finished all of the quality sites linking then you can reapply the strategy on different competitors.

By doing so, you will have the best pack of links from all of your competitors.

Alexa’s Site or smallseotools Info is a good tool to perform a competitor’s keyword check for free

Analyse their Keywords:

Most of the SEO experts don’t like to waste time on keyword research as it is a time consuming task.

It takes time to find out the long tail keywords with high search volumes. Read here to learn about keyword search volumes: https://en.ryte.com/wiki/Search_Volume

And, if you find such keywords then it has already been targeted by big sites on the internet, so it becomes almost impossible to rank it on the top for your website.

Now, we are going to discuss the strategy which can cut down the time taken by keyword planning.

You only need to keep an eye on your competitor’s website. You can easily figure out the targeted keywords of your competitive websites.

You can do this with the help of smallseotools Info tool, just put your competition URL in the search bar.

Click on find button and you can pull up really amazing data.

You can also get an estimation of the organic traffic of that site. So, you can analyse the efforts of your competitor.

Alexa also gives you 5 keywords for which website is performing exceptionally well.

If you have multiple competitors then you can put all of them at once and can extract the top keywords for particular website.

By doing this, you will have a list of keywords for which all or some of your competitions are performing really well.

Now, you need to filter those keywords on the basis of keyword difficulty.

You can check this through an internal option “keyword difficulty tool” in Moz dashboard.

There are high chances that your competitors have found best keywords to bet on, so it’s your time to steal those keywords and target for your website. You can get more traffic in less time by following the same keywords if having low difficulty.

create better contentCreate Better Content:

Any SEO Expert will never deny that content is the KING.

In order to get the best ranking, you need to use the best content on your site so that it can help you to generate more leads.

But again, creating an informative post with quality parameters takes time.

Now again, I will suggest you to do stealing, and you know from where you need to steal the ideas.

Don’t copy the content, just copy the idea of your competitors.

First of all, you need to understand the quality parameters; most of the digital marketing experts believe that a webpage must contain at least 1000 words of content. It is a universal truth that only long post pages can get top page ranking.

Your competitors are probably writing 1000 words in their posts. If you take their post and try to make it better by adding another 500-600 words, you can outrank them easily and can steal their leads.

You only need to go through the top results which come when you search your keywords and then rewrite the post with 500-600 additional words with more accurate info.

Website ranking and competitors: it is like a race

Make Your Website Faster than Your Competitors:

Google has released an update which is related to the speed of the website. This algorithm update shows the importance of the speed of a website.

Actually, speed is directly related to the bounce rate of the website, according to an available Google data, if a webpage load time goes from:

  • 1 sec to 3 sec: the probability of bounce increases by 32%.
  • 1 sec to 5 sec: the probability of bounce increases by 90%.
  • 1 sec to 6 sec: the probability of bounce increases by 106%.
  • 1 sec to 10 sec: the probability of bounce increases by 123%.

So, the longer it takes to load your site, the higher the probability of bouncing back a user.

When user starts bouncing back from your site just because of high load time, Google notices this behavior of the visitors and can decrease the ranking of your site in its SERP.

So, to steal the ranking of your competitors, you need to be faster than them.

You can check the speed of any website through Google’s page speed insight tool.

This tool gives the details of the speed of a webpage on mobile as well as desktop with the methods to improve it.

If you find your site is slow then you can follow the listed ways to get super high load-speed.

A very effective way to enhance the speed is to compress the size of images, compressing your images can decrease the page size and load time.

You should follow other aspects as well to improve the speed of your web pages.


SEO is no doubt tough and time consuming process.

There are dozens of ways to improve the SEO of your site, but to know the specific way is not a bad idea. You can find that particular way by analyzing your competitors.

You need to analyse their keywords, their backlinking strategy. Apart from these, you need to provide much better content with high-speed webpage.