Case Study - 2020

How achieved a leading position in providing tailored Hikes in the Italian Alps

We started this project as a simple Blog and helped to develop into a successful web business

(Updated February 2020)


Our Method

At Seoliquido we think that every online business is different and to help create the perfect online solution the correct first step is to analyse clients market, niche, vision and competitors. 

We do not agree that every online business needs to follow the same rules to succeed.

The online world is too big and complex and every marketing strategies must be developed following different techniques.

The natural approach that we used to rank and generate leads with Trekking-Alps is not the only way to approach an SEO or branding project.

Other methodologies can be implemented and tested depending on the niche, keywords, volume of traffic, UX design, competitors, business planning and budgets.

To rank this project we didn’t use any forced or manual link building tactics, just a mix of ranking factors, on-page SEO, the right keywords and the exploitation of the good business practices used by the owner of the business, which has used his online presence, our wonderful website design, his winner idea to attract bigger players and link his website to more authorities online realities.

This practice is called “ pure outreach “.

The website design is really important for this kind of businesses.

Buyers need a real high level of trust for purchasing these services as they need to know their holiday time will be amazing, starting from the buying process.

This is why we studied the website UX accurately, making it the main conductor between the company and the final clients.

Our challenge at Seoliquido was facing the correct growing pathways, the right logo, speed performance, SEO, reliability and uptime issues to attract the clients from a simple blog to a successful online business.

Few Specifications

  • The site serves over 3,000 organic visitors per month
  • Over 60% of whom are outside Italy.
  • Because Trekking-alps is so optimised, it attracted many clients from extra EU countries. 
  • Over 5% of conversion rate due to high buyers keywords ranked level.
  • The website has 155 Referring domains, with 16,855 backlinks (76% Follow – 24% Nofollow); backlinks source: pure outreach

+300% leads in 18 months

Some Technical Insights is a WordPress based website. We used a lightweight theme (Generatepress) along with a visual builder (Elementor) and some additional plugins to create an information rich and beautiful website, yet very fast to load.

All trekking data are built and managed with a totally custom solution: Custom post types plus an in-house written plugin to manage all aspects of trekking packages, from data entry to client booking.

Several configurators have been set up to help visitors navigate through the many options of the website: they have been coded in Html/Javascript with Ajax calls to wordpress database.

We have been working hard on performances: Trekking-Alps has great load times:

London (UK)900ms
Frankfurt (DE)941ms

Ranking Results - Desktop

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Ranking Results - mobile

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