The SEO Ruler PRO

seo ruler chrome extensionThe world wide web and the Internet are continuously inundated with a myriad of contents daily. The algorithms used by Google, Bing, and other popular search engines to sort online materials on their ranking list are prone to constant change. Hence, content creators and writers are always looking out for ways to have their content SEO-friendly, in a bid to have such materials rank highest amidst this innumerable web-based content.

That said, to outpace the competition, adroit content developers have now devised a means to keep abreast of the SEO developments in the industry by using third-party SEO optimizers like the SEO Ruler Pro. Thus, an SEO optimizing tool facilitates the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines on your web content.

What Is the SEO Ruler Pro?

Slated for web content development professionals, the SEO Ruler Pro is free and easy to use SEO optimizer provisioned as a browser plugin. And, as a browser extension – which is currently available on Google Chrome, this online content optimizer app is one of a kind as it incorporates over 25 different writing toolsets.

Providing writers with automatic updates on current SEO developments and in-depth insights into their writing flaws and how to make it better. The SEO Ruler addon conveniently reviews and alters all of the data on the websites you visit while modifying data copy and paste, among many other cool functionalities.

seo ruler site data
All of its unique feature-set makes the SEO Ruler Pro a one-stop source for content creators and writers since it handles certain specificities that would otherwise have been time-consuming – on the fly. This uniqueness provides writers an extra edge so that they can focus on developing quality content. The SEO Ruler Pro is not just an analytics and productivity toolset. Similarly, it provides utilities for ahref site Explorers and other sophisticated features that can accomplish several optimization tasks.


There are several SEO tools out on the web, such as; Google Search Console, Yoast SEO, Moz Pro, SEMrush, Varvy SEO tool, BuzzStream, Ontolo, HubSpot’s Website Grader etcetera. The terrible truth is that not all of them are free of charge – at least not those with premium qualities like the SEO Ruler Pro. Yet, the good news is they are all excellent tools that provide an excellent comparison to the SEO Ruler Pro optimizer. However, quite a number of these come with specific functionalities only for a particular purpose, unlike the SEO Ruler Pro with a functional capacity that has a more detailed and broader scope.

  • Completely Free: – Its clientele of over 3000+ users can observe the utility of the SEO Ruler Pro optimizer. All of whom could testify to its excellent serviceability even though it is entirely free.
  • No Tracking: – The SEO Ruler Pro takes your privacy seriously, unlike most other SEO optimizers, and thus, none of the users are monitored or sent anywhere. By this, the software ensures a 100% User confidentiality as it does not collect user data for any reason. With that in mind, rest assured that your security is intact as the plugin strictly adheres to the EU – GDPR compliance, along with other data protection policies across the globe.
  • Browser Plugin: – Just as already stated, this SEO optimization tool comes as a browser extension, giving you that extra convenience you had always anticipated. This browser addon feature comes in handy if you are a writer who values speed and quality. Through this, the SEO Ruler Pro offers on-site SEO functionalities while letting you get the data that you need to improve your ranking on the go. Rather than have you export these contents to an external SEO optimizing the environment.
  • Ease of use: – The simplicity of this plugin is as merely a one-click button. As its ease of use is introduced right from the installation procedure – which involves just a click of a button to have it automatically installed onto your system employing the chrome browser extension.
  • Extensive Tool Set: – Not only does it come gratis, but this exceptional writing instrument also entails an extensive range of tools for just about anything. Varying from OnPage copy tools to SERP analysis tools, Link tools, Quick Google options, as well as the OnPage and Schema Viewers among a host of other features.

seo ruler schemaADVANCED FEATURE-SET.

Below we are going to elaborate on some of the advanced toolsets and how they could make your content SEO-friendly. In addition to how they could help make your web contents rank up – from zero-to-hero, on great SEO sort lists.


The SEO Ruler Pro algorithm monitors how Google perceives your website and thus fetches the top 100 results from Google. Also, it retrieves related search terms while discarding the Google Image Search, Google Maps, and similar frequently asked questions section, among other things.

seo ruler words2. ON-PAGE COPY TOOLS:

With the SEO Ruler Pro, users could copy headings from a web page, along with all of its images and meta-data, extract the content onto another tool for analysis, view the page without CSS-styling, and much more. This copy functionality could be initiated in varied forms – copy JSON-LD schema, all links, internal links, emails, images, URLs from texts, etc.


That way, you get an in-depth insight into the page structured data and microdata to view what you are doing and the resources your competitors are using.


Keep track of what keywords visitors are using to reach out to you by using the Google quick options to display the highest-ranking results in any search result. You could also enable safe or disable personalized results in the SERP at will.

The SEO Ruler Pro is currently in its alpha version – version 1.7.4. Which is to say, you could expect even more cool features pretty soon.