Some Most Common SEO Fixes That Can Boost Your Rankings Immediately

Common SEO Fixes that can boost your ranking – Updated July 2020

A business owner spends some bucks to make a website; in return, he must want users on the website so that he can generate revenue. Yes, that is the whole and sole motive of creating it.

There is no meaning in creating a website if nobody visits it.

One thing you need to understand is that only developing a website is not enough. You need to get it listed with the top search engines and, of course, on the top of the results when someone searches related queries.

The above stated is the only way to get organic traffic.

When it comes to organic traffic, everybody wants to target Google, because a study says that Google holds up to 78% of all organic search traffic generated throughout the world.

So, here we are going to discuss some easy and effective SEO fixes that can boost your ranking in Google’s results.

Although, these techniques will also work for other search engines, focusing on Google makes it more productive.

wordpress_as_seoMigrate to WordPress and Use Yoast Plugin:

Yes, we all know that WordPress is not the only platform for web-hosting, but it is best for SEO purposes.

It provides various kinds of free plugins that help you to make your website SEO friendly.

The world’s most famous plugin for SEO purposes is Yoast, available in both free and premium versions. The free version has some limitations but still, it provides the basic features required to make SEO friendly sites.

After installing this plugin, when you create a new post, you will find a Yoast SEO command center at the bottom of the editor.

This command center provides some key information about the SEO fixes your website needs.

First and foremost, it shows you a preview of your post’s snippet, so you can assume the appearance of your post in SERP.

You can see the preview of both mobile and desktop versions and manipulate it as per your choice.

You can also get the option of setting a focus keyword for real-time SEO analysis of that post. Then you also get suggestions on post readability, keyword density, title, meta description, and more.
You can also get more detailed information about the Yoast plugin here.

broken-linkFind and Redirect Broken or Dead Links

Google Webmasters Tool consists of a bunch of tools through which you can analyze and optimize every page of your website.

Whenever a person creates a website, he tells Google about it through this webmaster tool.

As soon as GoogleBot crawls the site, it may find some crawl errors which must be fixed as soon as possible. The information of these crawl errors can also be seen in the crawl section of GWT.

Once you fix those errors, you can request Google to re-index your site or a particular page through the “Fetch as Google” option.

In order to tell Bots to crawl the site completely and effectively, you need to submit the XML version of the sitemap in GWT.

Here, you can check the warning or errors related to the sitemap of your website.
Google will automatically let you know about those links which it couldn’t find, allowing you to correct each layer of your website.

Google also sends you a message if there are any important changes in your site.
Above are the main features of the Google Webmasters Tool. You can read a complete guide here:

Now, we are going to discuss most important thing which can really harm your website if ignored.

Broken links, which can be managed quickly by analyzing the main cause.

If a site has few links anywhere on the content of a website, which is returning 404 errors, those links are known as broken links.

As users try to move to a given link for more detailed information, and they fail to land to the right page, they might get turned away by the bad experience.

Google also gives less priority to that website which has a large number of broken links, so it becomes important to redirect those links to real pages.

Whenever you find a 404 error in the crawl section of the GWT tool, you need to find the cause of it.

The main cause of this error could be a broken link. If it is the case, you need to redirect that link to the right page.

link buildingGain Backlinks from Relevant and Trusted Websites:

First of all, you need to understand “what is a backlink?”

A backlink is a link that is coming towards your website from any other web page. It works as a vote in the eyes of Google’s ranking algorithms.

We can say, more backlinks mean more votes, so more votes mean higher ranking.
A backlink can be a do-follow or no-follow.

A do-follow backlink is the one that is followed by Google algorithms and passes link juice to your website. This backlink also helps to increase the authority and worthiness of your website in the eyes of Google.

A no-follow backlink, as the name implies, is not followed by Google algorithms. Such backlinks don’t decrease the quality but also do not help in increasing the same.

You need to learn how to gain do-follow backlinks so that you can rank higher on SERP.

In this section, we are going to discuss guest blogging, as this is one of the best ways to get doubled or tripled the web traffic.

By making guest appearances on various reputed websites, you will definitely get the advantages to shine in the crowd while doing your overall SEO efforts.

Apart from the guest blogging, there are various other ways to earn quality and relevant backlinks, these techniques fall under proper off-page SEO techniques.

mobile friendly
always check that your website is mobile-friendly

Focus on Mobile Friendly Version:

Nobody will get surprised: almost every search engine has started focusing on the mobile-first world.

In the data given by Google in 2016, the mobile phone searchers surpassed the desktop searchers. Today, all search engines know that the majority is on mobile phones and tablets.

If you are not focusing on the mobile version of your site, it means you are running on a wrong path.
You will never achieve the top ranking without optimizing your site according to smartphones and tablets.

Talking about SEO Fixes, you need to create your site mobile-friendly. Check here whether your site is mobile-friendly or not: Just put your URL and the tool which show you the result.

You can make your site in responsive web design, it is a technique which allows your site to open and run properly on all screen resolution devices without changing any setting manually.

website speedFocus on Speed:

According to the speed algorithm of Google, a site having low loading speed may fall in SERPs.

In the world of superfast Internet, every user wants instant results. So, if a site takes too much time to load, here is a possibility that the user can bounce back.

Google also thinks, if a user sees low-speed websites on top ranking and gets frustrated while opening it, this scenario can demote the reputation of Google.

That’s the reason why Google is now very conscious regarding the loading speed of the websites.

To increase the loading speed of your website, first, you need to analyze the current speed and the factors which are making it load slowly.

You can check this through Google’s tool for speed testing,

Here, you will get results for both desktop and mobile speed and the parameters to improve them both. You can follow them and get a “green” indicator for your site.

Basically, you need to resolve all the factors which are slowing down the web page. Most of the time it is because of heavy images. Therefore, you can compress the size of the used image so it can load faster.

content, relationships, and links to create an optimal experience for the targeted audience and search engine crawl bots

Run a Complete SEO Audit:

Auditing your website helps you find the issues that are stopping you to reach top ranking in Google’s SERP.

As we have discussed many times, there are more than 200 factors that are considered while calculating the ranking by Google’s algorithm, so you need to cover as much as possible.

In easy terms, auditing is nothing more than a systematic examination of a site to analyze where is it standing right now and how to make extraordinary decisions to achieve the desired goals.

This may not look like an advanced SEO strategy, but yes, there are so many websites on the internet that are missing basic on-page SEO like page titles or descriptions.

There are so many tools available on the internet that can help you in auditing, but few tools give incorrect information. Thus, you can use the SEMrush tool, which is trusted by many big digital marketers. This tool also tells you on which keyword you can rank fast, which is good to know.

Cseo auditontent Auditing:

If you are not getting desired results, the issue may lie in the content available on your site. Google loves original content exclusive to your page.

So, in order to get top ranking, you must have original content with lots of useful information.

You need to check the plagiarism of all the content posted on your site. Use, and if you find any plagiarism, you need to replace that content with a fresh piece of words.

There can also be some typos or grammatical errors in the content so it is advised to hire a professional copywriter who can proofread your site for any mistyping.


Everybody knows that SEO is important for the site to rule Google’s results, but most of the site creators fail to do this in the proper manner.

With a few simple SEO fixes, the help of available tools and plugins, you can remove all the errors preventing you from achieving the desired results.

Just keep yourself updated regarding the changing behavior of Google so you will not lose your position compared to competitors.