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Find out what you are doing wrong in your Online Marketing strategies. You may need to simply fine-tune your web presence or re-think your whole strategy.. We are here to analyse and tell you.

A small investment can make a big difference when it comes to competing in the crowded world of online business! What we propose is an in-deep analysis of every basic aspect of your business: your product/s, your targeted audience/s, your website and its ability to convert, your competitors and many more..
Strenght, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats… SWOT, from a SEO perspective!


SEOSWOT: WHAT does it Mean?


SEO cannot be just positioning. Nowadays it means so much more!

There was a time when you just had to declare your keywords for search engines to pull your website on top of result page.

Now it is so difficult to rank your website on Google first page that all focus is on that topic: Rank

Hats with infinite shades of grey propose their “magical potion” to make you rank: On-page, Off-page, PBNs, Social Signals and many more

The truth is, while all methods are actually effective and can get you results, your “ideal mix” is only yours. You must know exactly what your Strenghts and Weaknesses are, along with the ecosystem you business lives in. Your Opportunities and Threats are related to your niche and cannot be generalized. 

What we propose is not “yet another SEO magical potion“.

We will perform for you a SWOT analysis in a SEO perspective: a SEO-SWOT analysis. 

The focus of our SEOSWOT if not just about “how to rank”, but it will include that aspect.

If your website has got max 30 pages indexed, operates only on:, or and your website languages are only English or Italian you are eligible for our special price! No illegal, illecit or adult websites allowed. No refunds are allowed in any case.

In all other circumstances we will still offer our SEOSWOT at great prices, but we must discuss the details of our intervention

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What is Marketing Positioning?

Market positioning is the ability to influence consumers' awareness about a brand or products that are open to competition. It is vital for businesses, as it helps create the identity of a brand or products in a specific way for consumers to notice.
The way you position your brand determines the perception of your existing and potential customers on your product and services. You might choose to position your brand as a luxury one, or a provider of quality products at an affordable price. Irrespective of how you choose to position yourself, ensure it is in no way negating your core value for your business. Positioning is one of the most prevailing marketing theory, most brands ensure they distinguish their products and services from that of their competitors, to make certain they remain in the subconscious part of their customers’ mind and memory. Your market positioning can be likened to your value proposition or your selling point.

There are various kinds of positioning strategies brands and business owners can employ that helps create the desired identity and awareness for their products or services.

These types of marketing strategies are listed in the paragraph below and they explain the importance of positioning, they include:

  • QUALITY – Depending on whether you’re selling a product or rendering a service, one of the best market positioning strategies is to associate your products or services with high quality. Most consumers would readily go for quality products at a higher price compared to subpar ones at a lower price. This reason makes it vital to always make certain that your product and services are identified as that of high quality.
  • BENEFITS AND ATTRIBUTES – This strategy encompasses your value proposition or selling point. Ensure you associate your product with certain features and beneficial value that most consumers would find relevant. An Example is saying your bath soap contains carrot extract (feature) which is beneficial in clearing acne and black spots (benefits).
  • PRICING – Your market positioning strategy could also be in the area of pricing. With thorough market analysis, you can set a price range that is a bit lesser than that of your competitors but still a very good price for the quality of your product or services. Make your products affordable but not cheap.
  • USAGE & APPLICATION – The usage and application of your products is also another unique way to achieve great market positioning. Associate your brand with a certain method of usage or application that is much different from that of your competitors. Make certain that method is more convenient, effective, easy and classy.
  • BRANDING – This strategy is the most vital and it serves as the main body to the others. Brand your products or services in such a way that consumers would be convinced that it's of more quality and much better than that of your competitors.

OUR SERVICES: How we help you create a good market positioning

Our major goal is to ensure that our clients are getting back an improved ROI on every business enhancing strategy services we provide for them. This reason is why we bring our A-game into play when rendering our service.

Creating a good market position for a brand help increases brand awareness and customers, it instills trust about the product in people’s mind. This feat can only be achieved if you employ the right market positioning strategy.

By carrying out the steps outlined in our methodology, it gives us in-depth knowledge about the entire makeup of your company, the situation of the marketplace, the factors that set you apart from your competitors and the opportunities that lie abound for you to exploit.

Using this knowledge, we develop the best strategy to help your company position itself in the right manner and as such getting you to the top market position.

Market positioning is a function of market analysis which is why we make certain that we analyze properly the condition of your company, the marketplace, and your competitors before coming up with strategies that can help your brand or business position itself in the right manner.

No matter how bad your previous market position was, by employing our services, we can help reposition your brand or business in the best of manner and get it rubbing shoulders with your competitors in the top market position.

The methodology of our activities includes:
  • CREATING A PERCEPTUAL MAP – The first thing we do in our bid of improving your market positioning is creating a perceptual map of your business market positioning. A perceptual shows consumer's perspective about your product, it allows us to identify your competitors' positioning relative to you and also help us recognize the opportunities in the market place. With the perceptual map, we can identify how consumers rate your product in terms of quality and price. We make detailed and thorough market research about your niche and competitors to get our perceptual map.
  • DETERMINATION OF YOUR UNIQUENESS – The second most important step is to analyze factors that set you apart from your competitors, in other to identify opportunities. We analyze your strengths and employ them in exploiting the opportunities we identify from comparing you with your competitors.
  • CURRENT POSITIONING – With the aid of our perceptual map, we recognize your current market position and develop strategies that can take you to a new position far above that of your closes rivals.
  • COMPETITORS POSITIONING – We also analyze your competitors' market position and the influence they have on yours. We analyze the marketplace concerning your competitors' influence in your niche. This act helps us develop strategies that can help your neutralize such influence and assume the best market position.
  • DEVELOPING A POSITIONING STRATEGY - Coming up with strategies to help you stay in top market position