SEO strategies for travel and trekking agencies explained

Travel and trekking industry is full of competition but still, if you can market your company properly, you can make huge profits in this industry.

Especially travel industry is awash with competition, Huge OTAs like Expedia and Trivago are marketing themselves using all possible channels like T.V ads and online paid ads. These huge OTAs spend millions on their marketing.

Nearly between 80-90% travellers book their trips online so for smaller outfits search marketing is the best option to grow their agency and bring in new customers.

Now search marketing to involve both Paid search ads and SEO. But we are gonna talk about SEO strategies for travel and trekking websites in this blog post.

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SEO for Trekking and Travel Agencies

As you know SEO is the best way to make your business stable profitable online, we are gonna learn some best SEO strategies for travel and trekking websites.

Have a Good Website

SEO is more about optimizing your website as to show high in organic search results. When your website will show high in organic search results, your target customers will find you easily and you will get more leads through online.

Before making your trekking or travel agency grow online, you need to have a good website. When I say a good website, I mean a lot-

Your website should be well designed and high converting. If your website looks outdated or uses outdated web design, you are going to lose a lot of your potential customers. So work on your web design and make it up to date before starting working on SEO.

Your website should be fast. Slow website kills conversion ad slow website can cost you your search rankings. Thus it becomes crucial for you to optimize your website for speed.

Make the best use of images. Images have got a very important role in travel and trekking websites. Use nice attractive and engaging images on your site describing your business and your customers. Use alt tags in images for SEO purposes.

Your website should be mobile friendly. Nearly 83% of the travellers out there, research on mobile before booking online thus it becomes vital for you to make your website mobile friendly.

Keywords with high competition generally have high average CPC

Research your keywords

SEO is all about ranking on Google for some keywords, so go and find your ideal keywords that will bring in targeted traffic to your website.

If you are a travel company selling tours in London, some keywords you can think of working on are-

  • Best places to visit in London
  • What to do in London
  • London travel guide
  • London tour packages
  • Trekking agencies in London
  • etc.

When you will go on researching keywords, you will find a lot of keywords related to your business. But that’s not the only condition you need to choose the ideal keywords. You need to see their search volume and CPC. Search volume helps you identify profitable keywords. And CPC will tell you the cost per click for those keywords you need to pay to AdWords f you will be using PPC. Also, take care of keyword difficulty while researching keywords.

Research more on the keywords, find your idea keywords and note them down.

Work on your chosen keywords

You are done with keyword research, now its time you start working on them. Now you need to decide how you should target these keywords on your website?

Keywords with high buying intent should be targeted on your sales page. For example, suppose you are trekking agency in Italy the some of your keywords you may like to work on are-

  • Time to visit Alps Italy
  • Things to do in Italy
  • Alps tour
  • Trekking services in Italy
  • Italy tourist attractions


You see the keyword “trekking services in Italy” has a high buying intent so this keyword should be targeted in your trekking services sales page or your homepage. You can target keywords like things to do in Italy with a blog post.

You can create content for several different keywords with low or medium buying intent and you can target high buying intent keywords on your sales pages.

incorporate keywords into the URL, page title, ALT tag and page body.

create better contentCreate Content that Drives sales

Create content on your site. Contents in the form of blog post will help you get traffic to your website. But don’t just create content for the sake of creating.

Create content that your ideal customer demands like if you are a trekking agency, you should have more content on trekking, mountains and travelling. This is how it works.

When you will have content that addresses your ideal customers’ concern, your content will drive real leads.

Now when I say content, I don’t always mean only blog post, you should also create other types of content like maps and guides, public transport info, Language and local dialect, high-quality photos and so on.

Publish blog posts regularly

Blog articles are the most useful type of content that can drive real leads to your business. Dive into your customer’s mind, and find topics they want to read about.

For example, if you are a mountain trekking and travel agency in Italy then few topics you can write about are: Largest mountains in Italy, best places to visit in Italy, Why Italy is so Famous, Things to know before trekking alps etc.

link buildingBuild Links

Link building is an integral part of every SEO campaign because links are very important for rankings. Travel and trekking website SEO is more dependent on high-quality link building.

Earning powerful links from high authority sites will help you rank on Google easily and will also drive referral traffic to your website. More than that, your website link on other authority websites will also establish your site as an authority in your industry.

The best way to gain some powerful backlinks for your trekking and travel industry is via blogs.

Find more ways and get backlinks from other trekking or travel websites.

User Experience

User experience is one of the factors that Google considers while ranking website as believed by many SEOs and me. As a travel and trekking website owner, you need to focus more on user experience than any other type of website.

The travel industry is very competitive and travellers just have too many options to book their trips online. If you want them to choose you then try to be most likely to them.

Everything should be a breeze on your site. Make your website load fast and make your site look engaging.

local SEO Marketing value
When you target specific areas for your marketing goals, that is Local SEO

Use Local SEO for your advantage

Local SEO will help your trekking or travel business get more leads from your own city of operation. Local SEO will also help your website rank better for local intent keywords.

Use Social media

Your potential customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other online platforms. You also need to be there. Use Facebook, Social media and other platforms for your benefit.

Share your blog post and services on social media. Social media engagement is also helpful n SEO. Use it gain more visibility for your business.

Use Travel Forums

Active travellers are active on travel forums. Being on several travel forums and being active there would help you drive some traffic to your travel and trekking website.

Your potential customers may also be found on forums so using forums for your benefit is a nice idea. Also, being active on several forums can also help you in link building.


These were some SEO tips for travel and trekking industry to get on the first page of SERP and grow online. The travel industry is understanding the customer journey, exploring new and longer keywords that are relevant to every step of the journey, creating a high-quality link profile based on adding value, and engaging users through social media; the travel industry has the opportunity to excel online. It is for this reason that the travel industry cannot and must not ignore the value of travel SEO.

Understanding your industry keywords, creating sales driving content, building link profile and using social media and working with a solid strategy can help your trekking or travel website excel online. Travel and trekking industry should never ignore the value of SEO in their business.

I hope you liked the post and hope it helps. Let e know your thoughts about travel and trekking SEO or about travel and trekking industry in comments.