SEO for art galleries in London, a guide for artists and art dealers

Do you need SEO for art galleries in London? If you own a London art gallery or you are trading art as a dealer in London you certainly do.

This guide is intended to help you ranking higher on Google for few local buyer art keywords such as “ best art gallery London “ , “ art galleries in Shoreditch “ or “best London’s art dealers”

Why is it important to be on the first page for art galleries keywords?

The reason is really simple: London is a tourist capital; people will come here to visit for a short period of time and they will look to see some cool galleries and art places that are not related to the most important tourist places and galleries they already known well as really popular and famous, such as the Tate.

Everybody knows that but what about your small independent gallery?

Now if you own an independent or private art gallery in London you will need some help to let people know all the cool exhibitions you will be doing next. If you do not have a SEO website please read this article that helps you understand how you can make it SEO friendly.

art gallery in londonWhy SEO for art galleries in London?

How can you appear on the top Google Page for the keyword: Best art Gallery in London?

As we worked on many project here as Seoliquido  we can guarantee you that Art galleries usually own poorly performing websites! Usually a cool SEO website is not the priority investment an art gallery usually does. Not immediately.

This is really a very nice factor when you are trying to rank those art related keywords as your competitors hasn’t got a really cool well SEO optimized website as it should be.


The improvement and technical aspects of onpage SEO in this case can really help your websites out. So the priority is to prepare a well-structured on page SEO analysis to understand what is correct and what it is wrong of your website.

Strict ONPAGE SEO analysis can be made using powerful software such as Moz, which offers you 30 days free trial so why not use that power into your favor?

If you need more info about what on page SEO is please read this article from our Blog.

Before starting any SEO campaigns you need to understand what people really search online in the UK and which keywords are the most looked at: please read this really specific guide about art galleries keywords here.

To find even more keywords you can use directly Google.

Local Small Pay per Click Ad Campaigns

Running a small PPC London Local campaign is a nice and fast way to see what clients and curious people search for when they are looking for galleries in the London area.

Set a very small local campaign, using few free keywords tool such as semscoop or Google adwords search tool what your potential clients may be searching for. Examples could include London independent art gallery, contemporary art galleries, art dealers in London, or even more long tails keywords. Try different keywords: less competitive on volume, not too competitive on numbers of search per month, less expensive and less bidden.

Take 3 months and analyses carefully all the data from these keywords; the best performing keywords will be the one used to create very cool content.

create better contentContent for art galleries in London is King

To rank a website about art in London are you need really cool content. Like this blog post, which will be given away totally for free, Google loves new content and it likes when people can actually find useful stuffs on the net.

Your art website should contain artist’s images, description of the art you have showed, materials, dates of exhibitions and should be always up to date. Art is also visual and having a nice website will be seen as really professional and will incentive artists to come visit your gallery or shops from all over the world.

How do you create good content?

Good content usually respond to those who are asking those specific question. Please read this guide to maximize your content effort.

London Local Art Environment and artists

Being located in London is very cool because not only you can rank many long tails art keywords but also chose these keywords by area:

“Best Art galleries in shoreditch”

this could be an example of keywords formed by over 5 words and geo located. A proper long tails keyword.

On your website you should create a new page with this main keyword:

  • new page only optimized with this keyword,
  • optimizing the title tags and keywords on that page,
  • create cool content using that keyword and its variations.

You should see already a big huge improvement of your rankings for searches regarding these long tails keywords on art galleries in London that will bring you fresh audience.

Local and international Artist Pages

When you introduce an artist or you have a new exhibitions you should carefully create a page for each of them….this because will help search engine to determinate for data and information regarding that kind of arts or artists. Google likes and lives on content! You should be able to give Google enough information on your website pages more relevant than your competitors and trying to do much better than them. Also, if you give Google the right information, you will have more chance to appear when people are looking for that artist!

If your artist is already famous this will help your ranking as the traffic that arrives from that niche source will improve your keywords ranking as well.

History, pics and location of your art Gallery

The history, who owns the business and the location are also good SEO points to follow. The location will help search engine to locate exactly your gallery or art dealer’s shops in the top spot.

If you Gallery is located in Shoreditch mention it in about us section and on the footer.

Display clearly in which art you are interested in and why. Use the keywords generated in your prior search to determinate which is the dominant one and why (volume, ppc, density) are all factors to consider when you chose the one.

link buildingGain the right backlinks:

If you type “art dealers London” it will come up this website (, which is the society of London art dealers. As Google gives those authorities why not try to gain the attention of this website?

This is just an example. There are many niche related websites around. Try to be proactive and gain some authority from few, well niche related sites.

Place all the right ALT Tags on All of Your art or local artist Images

Being an art Gallery will give you the chance to gain many art pics!

Use this on your favor!

These images WITH THE RIGHT tags on will help Google images and search engines to gain the information’s about that pic faster which will be seen well as a positive ranking factors and will be helpful to whoever uses a screen reader. Also all this images will help you with our next step which will be social media for art galleries and art dealers in London.

Social Media signals play a crucial role in your SEO

How to promote your art gallery success on social Media and social backlinks

Social backlinks and social presence for an art Gallery is really important. Instagram will be the main social for this kind of business as the fact the art would be displayed is such an easy way that will drive interests in what are you displaying, exhibit or sell.

Having a strong Instagram nowadays is seen as strong key to success as is interactive. Having the possibility to speak with your potentials artists or buyer so directly would be beneficial for your businesses. The audience of instagram is quiet young but it is also niche related and potentially the future of any businesses as young and statistically not poor. Read this article to get serious results with your Instagram if you are an arist or you want to learn more about to get followers. Growing on Instagram will bring traffic to your website and that traffic will help you ranking higher on the SERP.

Each social media platform is different with individual audiences. Being on different platforms is always beneficial. Pinterest is really strong as niche related to art when it comes to images and audience so it is a good resource of traffic which is always well seen when you are running an SEO project. Read here how to promote the artworks you are exhibiting or promoting.

YouTube for art galleries or art dealers

Do not forget YouTube is Google. Having many video well done connected to your website will help rank it steady on your main keywords. The traffic generated from YouTube and the fact you are using it will give authority to your content and will show professionalism. Try to SEO optimize also your YouTube video so you will gain even more visibility. Use this software to find the best keywords and volume.

Facebook for art galleries

Facebook is for older people right now. When you plan your marketing strategy keep this in mind. Reviews are really important and events must be explained clearly as marketing must be super eye catching as there is the danger your paid ad will be lost in millions of articles. Ask visitor’s reviews of you art gallery or shops and ask them to give genuine advices and quickly answers their comments or questions.

Facebook ads could be a way to gain likes and potential visitors or buyers to your gallery or art dealers London shops. The potential to generate highly targeted cheap campaigns allows you to reach people interests in what are you offering in that moment. It is also cheaper than run a PPC campaigns and could be a great generator of potential buyers. To access their services click here.

We remind you an old but still well-done list of what to do with you art Facebook account and what not to do.

Google My Business Profile

Having My Business Profile well calibrated is fundamental. Being on the top search results with your map is a goal that you have to set up.

When you build your profile give Google as many information as possible. The map spot is a strong indicator of what it is relevant in that area or art spots and more the information you are giving are unique and relevant more chances you have go to being on the top spot for that related keyword. Be sure to link your website so all those clicks will go directly on your site helping you with your goals of ranking your art gallery on the top for your chosen keywords. Always ask to leave a review on your Google business page. Google loves genuine reviews as indicator of trust and authority which is what you want to gain when we are trying to rank a website like yours.

With all this tips your website will be in the perfect condition to try gain some traffic from different sources.