SEO Failures That Can Ruin Your Website’s Ranking

Web optimization or Search Engine Optimization is an essential task for your site, as the fuel in your car.

But wait, while driving one needs to wear the safety belt or else it might expand your chances of getting smashed.

Similarly while doing the SEO, you must be extremely watchful about your selections of the strategies or there will be consequences, it transforms into a disaster.

It’s true that you may face dozens of issues when you want to touch the heights, you have to tackle all of them which is seems easy only to say.

But as we all know, precaution is better than cure. So, you are always advised to do the work as per search engine guidelines.

Here are few things which you need to avoid while performing SEO for your site.

Duplicate Content: Content is the pillar of digital marketing. To keep Google happy, you need genuine content for your site. This also helps you to attain the highest ranking on SERP.

It is not false if we say that Google is in deep love with unique content.

So, if you serve it the duplicate content in the name of unique only, it’ll break Google’s heart.

Then you may face a drastic impact on your search ranking.

If you focus on unique content then definitely you will win the heart of this biggest search engine and can achieve the desired results.

You can check the plagiarism of the content from here:

meta data missing is a mistake
a common mistake is not inserting meta data in your web pages

No Title Tag and Description: It is very tough to explain anything without its proper introduction.

This thing also applies to search engines.

As we all know, these search engines use some kind of bots to crawl and understand your content. So, these Meta title and description behave as an introduction for your webpage to the crawlers.

If you want to know how to write a Meta description for your website, you can read all the related information here:

A bot can understand the webpage by reading the title and description tags, so keeping these blank may put your site in serious trouble.

Broken URLs: A URL is said to be broken when it is returning a 404 error.

Broken links are very harmful for the websites because they stopped the users to get the desired results from the site.

These links also increase the bounce rate of the website. Read about bounce rate here:

It’s true to say, a higher number of broken URLs means the lower number of rankings.

So, you need to find out the broken or dead URLs of your site and you have to rectify them soon, after this, you can attract Google to enhance the ranking of your site.

Slow Loading Speed: If your website is taking too much time to load, then it may keep away users.

In today’s time everyone is having fast internet, so everybody wants information with the speed of light.

If your website is lacking in the terms of speed then users will stop landing on your site, which will indicate the Google to reduce the ranking of your site.

You need to find out the factors which are making it slow then you need to rectify them as soon as possible.

It is an important factor that you need to pay special attention to; otherwise, you will lose your ranking on SERP.

You can check the loading speed of your website on desktop and mobile, and can also find the factors which are making it slow. Visit:

mobile friendly
always check that your website is mobile-friendly

Non-mobile Friendly: If your site doesn’t support mobile version then this may be lead you to face a serious problem.

As most of the internet users access the internet through their mobile phones, so most of the search engines have started showing the results accordingly.

If your website is non-mobile friendly then there are very low chances to get the top page ranking on Google.

Spam Linking: First of all you need to understand about the backlink, it is an incoming hyperlink from one website to another.

Most of the digital marketing experts believe that the website having more number of backlinks will get the higher rank position on SERP.

So, after getting this, some people started creating fake or spam backlinks with help of some link building tools and techniques.

Officials of Google have already informed that link building is completely prohibited, you should not participate in any link building scheme in order to remain safe from manual actions and penalties.

You can read about penguin algorithm which is especially for spam links:

Using Hidden Text: Hidden texts are those texts which are written only for crawl bots.

It is used to manipulate the bots by some hidden texts in order to achieve higher rankings.

These texts can be hidden behind the image or on the background of same text colour.

A normal user can’t read these texts but bots can. Using hidden text technique is highly prohibited in Google’s webmaster guidelines, which you can read here:

These are the few things which you need to keep in mind while doing SEO of the website, you will never get into any trouble.

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