Here’s how plagiarism checker helps SEO marketers for better content

SEO marketers are quite aware of the consequences of using plagiarism in their content marketing and this is the reason why plagiarism checker is one of their important strategies.

The marketers usually sometime at risk of their implications especially when doing digital marketing because only a single wrong step can put a website from top to down in SERP.

There are many cases where the unintentional use of copied content lets the website from the first page to the last pages where nobody comes to visit.

Remember, the unique content is very important to give a good impact to the crawling algorithms of Google.

In this article, we will discuss more the benefit of using the plagiarism checker as well as its importance for SEO marketers.

Why unique content is important for a website?

The unique content is what your site should have because the audience of your website is coming to read something new not to read the content that is already published on another website.

Unique content is always the priority of the search engine because copied content is easily detectable by the search engine and search engines like Google can penalize your site.

If you are not posting unique content, then you are fooling the search engine as well as the audience.


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However, search engine bots are enough intelligent to detect the originality of the content, and this way, they might not decide the better ranking position for your domain.

Copied content is illegal according to the search engine. This is usually because the search engine like Google always looks for appreciating the efforts of the original writers.

Unique content is considered to be the author’s or publisher’s assets and if you publish the content without permission then it can cause some problems for you.

How plagiarism checker helps SEO marketers to check the uniqueness?

Plagiarism checkers are the tools that are developed with the help of the unique and modern algorithms that scan your content for comparison.

It then compares your written content with the one that is already published over the internet based web pages. With the help of algorithms, your content is compared with billions of web pages that are indexed on the search engine.

If the tool finds some similarity it would inform the user about the percentage of the original and plagiarized content.

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When it checks the content then it also tells the original website which is matched with your content. This way, you can ask for permission for using the content as well as you can also cite the source.

Some of the plagiarism checkers are based on artificial intelligence that can also detect the content that is paraphrased or spun.

You can check for plagiarism for free with these tools as well as the ratio of paraphrasing in it.

Most of the SEO marketers especially those who are new to this industry look for a free tool and some of the tools are available online for free.

How SEO experts secure their data through a plagiarism checker?

One of the major use of the plagiarism checker is to check the uniqueness of the content you are posting on the search engine.

You can easily paste the content in the toolbox to find the sources from where the content matches but this source can be used to secure your content.

Marketers also use these sources to know which website is copying their content. For this, they can use the plagiarism checker to know the sources.

This way, you can easily send them the notice or an alert to remove the content that is published on your website.

Making the security of your published content is very important because it can be a reason for a decrease in your brand reputation.

You can contact the site owner for removal of the articles when detected through the online tool whereas you can also contact Google for informing the use of your contact.

What to do if somebody is copying your content?

When you know or feel that somebody is copying your content, you shouldn’t avoid this because the content might be the reason to ruin your SEO efforts as well as your audience’s trust.

For this, the search engine is always looking for these types of disputes, and to rid of this issue, there is a very simple way.

Below are the steps you need to take when someone copies your content:

  • Firstly, before filing any case about plagiarism, you should have complete and authentic proof about the other website that is using your published content.
  • For making your material better, you can use the Way Back machine to look at who posted that same content first.
  • Then you should provide the Google Cache with the help of the link to prove that the Google crawlers have detected your site first.
  • Get some screenshots of your content as well as the other site that is using the same content.
  • Download the plagiarism report from any of the plagiarism detector to make your proof more powerful.
  • You should contact the site owner for removing the contact and if this is not happening then you can contact Google for removing having the case about it.
  • If you are using WordPress, then a lot of plugins can help you in this regard. These can automatically check the plagiarism and alert you upon any stealing.


SEO marketers are very conscious of using unique content because they know the importance of unique and the side effects of plagiarized writing.

However, to provide quality service to the users, never go for copying the idea of another website because the user who is reading your content might have read the same content before.

In this way, the user would never come again to your website and the trust level gets down.

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