The right price for a service is the one that gives you results and does not disrupt your budget

If your budget is reasonable, we are committed to create a personalized, market-oriented online strategy. We will build a great website that converts, optimised for Search Engines. We will do Off-Page SEO to make your business shine in a competitive online world!


First: let's open a parethesis

You Have SOME Options

For your brand new website or renewing your existing one

You can do it yourself

There are many free website builders on the market which are good for creating fast and cheap websites without spending or investing big money.

You must have some expertise and, even more importantly, a lot of time to spend building your website.

This will be really cheap!

The limits of these website builders are obvious (to us) and unfortunately underestimated:

  • Rigid template
  • Limited custom options
  • You do not  completely own the property
  • If a problem occurs on the platform, this will affect your business too
  • Slow servers and performance
  • Not SEO friendly

You can hire a freelancer

There are many freelancers who offer cheap, custom made websites.

As with anything in life, you will get what you have paid for.

No requirements: just a low to medium budget to spend.

It can be a cheap solution and even a good one if you choose the right man for the job.

If the solution is too cheap the freelancer will do just what he is told to do… no interest in analysing your business, your niche and competitors. Your business “ecosystem” will be irrelevant to him/her just because all he/she will need to do is: deliver fast.

logo seoliquido

You can hire a company like SEOLIQUIDO

If you need a bespoke website that represents you and your business in the most accurate way possible, you are in the right place.

No requirements: just a medium to high budget to spend.

  1. You will you own the website and the code.
  2. We will also follow your business idea and model during the development.
  3. Your website will be responsive and safe.
  4. Your website will be done following strict Google criteria and policies.

You have to spend some money. 

Our Prices Explained

A) Basics
We charge an hourly fees of £50.


All our quotes will be done in a way that you will have a clear idea of the time of development, extra costs and time frame.


Usually the main costs you incur during the process of making a website are:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Server
  • Content creation
  • Right pics
  • Logo
  • HTTPS certificate
  • Few plug-ins (if required for your projects)
  • Web development
  • Cyber security protection
  • Maintenance & support


Extra services are:
SEO services and PPC Promotion which are post-launch marketing strategies that help your new website be seen and recognised. These promotions are strictly correlated to your budget, niche and market.


B) Our Method

Phase 1- Website Design

Following your specific requirements, the design of your bespoke website is created in Photoshop by us and sent to you in PDF format by encrypted email. Once you sign the design and accept our policy we go straight off to the development stage.
A 25% deposit is due in this stage.

Phase 2- Web Development

The final graphic design elements inside the PDF will be used to create the digital version of your website and you will get a live, but secure link to test the framework. This way you are in control of the development process and it helps us speed the the overall process.

A second 25% of the overall cost is due in this stage.

Phase 3 – Content and user experience.

In this phase we develop the best content ever (or apply yours). We also test the correct user design and navigability.

A third 25% of the overall cost is due in this stage.

Phase 4 – Website Testing and launch

In this last stage, we perform all the testing possible: mobile testing, responsive testing, safe security testing and search engine optimisation (if required).

The final 25% is due at the end of phase 4 and the project is signed off to go live.


We also offer custom made monthly payment solutions. Depending on niche and projects.
Please contact us for more information


C) How Much do our Websites Cost?

Updated For January 2020
Approx. 5 pages would cost you approximately £1500-2000
An SME custom website design, content and project management would cost approximately £2000-3500
A more specific ecommerce and custom web application begins at £7000
A Small E-Commerce website to sell online products would be approximately £2500-5000
This very much depends on spec. Typically we start charging from £7000, however, if you are considering a multi-tasking, multi-language and international e-commerce site, with many functions, you can expect quotes in the region of £30k+

Prices are subject to a number of factors that we can calculate only after we hear about your idea and study your market carefully.

Just get in touch, drop us an email or text us on our live chat and you will get all the answers to your questions clearly.

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1 - Analysis

We will do our best to ensure your SEO strategy is effective FOR YOU! No pre-cooked recipes. We will analyse your business, its niche and competitors thoroughly to build YOUR strategy. That is why our first approach is based on two different analytic packages:



seoliquido web design and seo services


A complete analysis of your online business. You will get an actionable plan to make your business grow

If your website has got max 30 pages indexed, operates only on:, or and your website languages are only English or Italian, you are eligible for our special price!

No illegal, illecit or adult websites allowed. No refunds are allowed in any case.

In all other circumstances we will still offer our SEOSWOT at great prices, but we must discuss the details of our intervention.

Our Prices 1


A technical analysis of your website. If you already have an online marketing plan and you just want to keep your website in line with it.

If your website has max 30 pages indexed, it operates only on:, or and your website languages are only English or Italian, you are eligible for our special price!

No illegal, illecit or adult websites allowed. No refunds are allowed in any case.

In all other circumstances we will still offer our SEO Consultancy at great prices, but we must discuss the details of our intervention.



Note: Seo Consultancy is a subset of SEOSWOT.


When your Online Strategy is planned, you can start an SEO Campaign. In this phase, that will take several months, we will take care of many aspects: on-page optimization monitoring and refinements, social media engagement, backlinking and citations and content / press publishing. Depending on the targeted market this will require different approaches.

Note: It is not possible to precisely price SEO Campaigns before a proper analysis. We will indicate a range of prices based on our experience.

Our Prices 2


To rank and increase your conversion rate on a local market

starting from
£500 - £1,000 /Month

seoliquido london based seo company


To rank and increase your conversion rate on the national market

starting from
£1,000 - £2,000 /Month

Our Prices 3


To compete on the international / global market

starting from
£2,000 - £5,000 /Month