Increase Visitors to Your Website With The Right Web Design in London

London is the main hub of the UK that is pretty much universally agreed, some cities might be higher or more important to certain industries but when you look at everything London comes out on top. Being the capital city of the UK this is pretty much a given and as the capital city, it is home to many different businesses.

Because of this web design in London is incredibly important, if you want your business to stand out you need to be very careful when it comes to the design. Web design in London is fiercely competitive because there is so much competition on the local level in London.

The competition only gets bigger on the national and global stages as well but good web design in London is certainly doable and the key to long-term success in the city. The better your website’s design is the more likely you are to increase visitors to the website.

But you don’t want to just boost website visits you also need to know how to increase returning visitors to your website as well. Thankfully having a unique and professional London website design can help you with this as well. So, without further ado let’s look at some of the London website design tips you need to know about.

web design in london - Affordable SEO LondonWeb Design in London – Tips For Increasing Visitors to Your Website

Web design in London is fiercely competitive with so many different businesses across all industries a unique and creative high-quality web design is vital. There are many different things you need to look out for when it comes to creating a quality website design.

Some are probably things you already know but some are a little more unusual and easy to miss. Below I’ve outlined some design tips that will be sure to help you boost visits to your website and help it stand out.

SEO is Vital

Effective web design in London is about more than just the colour and layout of your website. The text plays an important part as well especially in regards to SEO. SEO isn’t solely about keywords but that is a very important part of it and it is often easier than you might think to implement.

Do your research and find out which keywords you need to include to get your website higher in the search results. Long-tail keywords are very useful for this as these keywords are lengthier and more industry-specific.

They won’t be used as much but the people using them will be more likely to click on your website and because they aren’t as common using them will give you a way to stand out from your competitors. Don’t overload your website with keywords place them sparingly and natural quality content/ text isn’t just text full of keywords.

Mobile Optimisation

If you want to increase visitors to your website then mobile optimisation is essential! If your website isn’t optimised for devices like smartphones and tablets then many people will likely click off the website straight away without even taking a look at it.

Good web design in London is really two jobs in one you want a well-designed website for laptops and computers and one for mobile devices as well. So, remember not to neglect the importance of the mobile platform.

The starting point for this is Google specific tool.

The Importance of UX and UI

The right UV (user experience) and UI (user interface) are essential components of effective website design. The UX and UI are heavily connected and every step in the design process affects them to some degree.

You want your website to be easy to navigate and use but also be a positive experience for the user. Make sure your website is fast and you can even offer a personalised experience to visitors as well by giving them more options over the layout. A creative approach can be a big help when it comes to improving both the UX and UI of your website so don’t simply follow trends.

Among the many tools you can use to build an interface prototype there are Invision and Mockflow

Use The Right Colours

Colours are a metaphorical minefield when it comes to web design in London but having the right colour combination will be sure to boost visits to your website. There is a lot of theory behind how your choice of colour can affect visitors to your website but many people opt to use colours tied into their business.

If your business’s logo is red for example then you can utilise that colour in your sub-headings. If your website is for gardening services then you can utilise earthy colours like brown and green. White space is a hotly debated issue in web design but some empty space can help highlight other sections of your website. So, don’t worry you don’t have to fill everything sometimes less can be more.

Once you choose the general “tone” of your website, you must set up a proper palette. There are many tools out there you can use: Adobe Color, Coolors and Paletton only to name a few.

Learn From Italian Web Design

Italian web design is a great way to make your web design in London standout from the crowd and will be sure to increase returning visitors to your website as well. Italian web design often features bold colours and larger images that offer more visual pop.

If you want a more minimalist website design then you can still utilise parts of Italian web design to create a stunning website. Big high-quality images, for example, can be used to help minimalise the need for large blocks of text. So, if you are really stuck coming up with a design have a look at some Italian websites in similar industries for inspiration.