seoliquido SEO Services


When You Need to be Found in a Specific Area

"Own a London based company selling to londoners? No need to rank in New York! "
Dario Beccaria, co -founder of SeoLiquido

SEOLiquido is specialised to find and apply
the right local seo services strategies to improve
your website position on searche engines
that help your website getting
a higher local rank
on a determinated area.


If you are an UK online company or an extra EU online business that wants to target Local seo keywords in London or different targeted cities within the UK (ex: ManchesterLiverpool), USA or any different cities within english speaking countries (we can also cover up India and Italy if you need these market visibility and clients), this is a good starting point for improving your web presence, your overall online business appeal and getting more leads.


Our local seo services take advantages of few tactics we have developed and exerimented on ours and our client’s SEO project websites with great results.

( see how reached the first page)

The Right Server

The location of the server and its performance will be monitored accurately

Speed of the Website

The speed must be fast and relable

Graphic Template

The application of the right template or the correction of the existing one

The Right Keywords

The right keywords and volume will be analysed corretly. Google has got many keywords, choosing the right one is really important

The Right Backlinks

Your backlinks will be analised and, if required, we will start a local backlinks campaign that will take from 3 to 6 months to generate great results and leads. Our backlinks are handcrafted and tailored to your local business


Local SEO require patient and dedition but could help any businesses to gain more visibility and generate profit in a determinate location

London for example is the perfect place to run local seo services;  with its unbelievable numbers of postcode, council sections and suburbs is a really good ocean where to fish the right clients by targeting the best local Google keywords.

We used some tactics on our own website and you can check yourself the effects they have got on our general ranking.