Importance of W3C Standards in Web Design and SEO

Updated February 2022

If you are aspiring to take your business online then a well-designed responsive website is a mandate.

W3C Standards process

In this process, it is quite natural that you will need the advanced knowledge or professional’s help in order to develop a world-class website.

You need to develop a site that should be operated seamlessly across different platforms and devices. Learn more about responsiveness here,

Although, Web development is million-dollar industry and many companies are offering professional web design services at an affordable price. If you don’t know how to develop a responsive website then you can get your site at very cheap cost, you only need to hire a web design services provider.

There are various things but W3C Validation is one of the most important factors which is needed to be taken care of while designing a website.

w3c standards for seo optimization
W3C is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web

W3C is the governing body that formulates standards for the World Wide Web.

This organization is actively involved in educational programs, software development, and forum establishments in relation to the World Wide Web.

Hence, it has employed some of the best professionals for monitoring and upgrading standards.

Presently it has offices in sixteen different regions of the world and has more than 450 organizations as its members.

The motto of this organization is to promote the usage of the web in the best possible manner.

Gradually, international standards for web related products came into existence and all companies offering web design services are bound to follow it.

W3C Standards for web architecture

These standards are actually recommendation forwarded by the W3C consortium to a web designing company pertaining to the usage of server-side scripting languages like HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, and DOM. These are illustrated as follows:

HTML: The classic HyperText Markup Language.

XML: Web designers need to have the technical competency of using this language in comparison to HTML because it offers more flexibility.

XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language

XHTML: This language is a combination of classic HTML and XML structure, focusing on “well-formed” syntax, which is stricter than HTML. Service seekers should look for a company that makes extensive use of this technology.

CSS: This technology paves the way for manipulating the appearance of HTML or XML elements. As per W3C, it renders simplicity and structural formatting of widgets.

DOM: When adapting to future technologies becomes the focal point, DOM is most suitable for the purpose. In due accordance with the recommendation of W3C, a company offering web design services needs to make use of this Application Programming Interface.

Now the question arises, why does web designer need to follow their standards despite the absence of formal interpretation and syntactic constructs?

The reason is simple; if a website is designed as per its recommended standards then it will be compatible across any platform, which in turn will be increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Moreover, the website will become cross-browser compatible and can produce elegant visuals without affecting the runtime performance.

W3C Standards checker

By following these standards, one can write highly optimized codes with ease in troubleshooting and be debugging. You can check the W3C errors from

Therefore, if you wish to design or redesign a website then make sure that the company you contract abides the W3C standards.

W3C validation also impacts on SEO of the website.

There is no loss in validating a website because without validating there can be left some code-errors that can create some serious styling issues from a web design perspective.

Such types of code-errors can cause a Googlebot not to render the website properly. If you want to know how to render a website from Google Webmasters Tool then follow this link

In simple words, the total number of errors and types of errors matter when it comes to SEO that causes bad Googlebot rendering.