How to Choose The Best SEO Services and Make Your Business Stably Profitable

Search engine optimization is for everybody and anybody. No matter what type of business you own, there are always some possibilities that SEO can do any good for your business.

SEO is used by all type of businesses be it a small coffee shop, a medium sized real estate business, or multinational large companies like Amazon.

It’s your time to start using search engine optimization to grow your business online.

What SEO can do for your business?

There are a plenty of things SEO can do for you. Here are a few major advantages of using SEO.

1. SEO can get you more leads and sales from online

This is no secret that SEO is the only thing you need to make your business stable profitable. With SEO, you can get your website ranking on Google for your business keywords and this way you will get more leads through your website.
Suppose you own a real estate business. With SEO, you can rank on Google local results for keywords like “homes in London”, “buy property in London” etc. Once you can rank for these keywords on Google, the way ahead is full of leads and sales.
Many people search for goods or service your business has to offer, SEO can make those searchers find your business.

2. SEO makes your business stable profitable

You might be getting leads from offline as well but SEO can make your business stable by ensuring a steady supply of leads and sales regularly from online.

3. SEO establishes your business as a brand

When you will be ranking for some profitable keywords on search engines results. People will notice your website and your business. With SEO, more and more people will get to know about your business. More people knowing about your business will make it popular.
There are much more things SEO can do for you like making your business website overall better.

Getting started with SEO

This is easy to understand that SEO can grow your business online but Search engine optimization itself is not easy rather complex.
Search engines use an algorithm(set of rules) as to decide which page or website to rank higher and which to rank lower in search engine results page. Put simply, SEO is about following this algorithm.
You might think that what’s hard in following this algorithm?
Google search algorithm is a 1/3rd mystery. I mean, we know just 75% of the factors that Google use as ranking signals. The other 25% is still a mystery.
This is like playing a game without knowing the rules completely. When you play a game without completely knowing the rules, you have fewer chances of winning and you might get penalised sometimes for not following one of the rules unknown to you.
Same is the case with SEO.

No, SEO is not impossible

SEO is hard but not impossible. The 75% known ranking factors are all enough to rank your website on Google and attract more business.
How to get your website ranking on Google?
Now the question arises, how to SEO? SEO has to deal with a lot of things(ranking factors) so you would need someone who can search engine optimize your site.
In case you yourself know how to SEO, you can do it by yourself. SEO is a skill that requires time to master. You can also learn SEO and use it by yourself but this would require much of your time and I don’t think you have that as a business owner. The better option is to work with an SEO service provider company.
When you work with some reputed SEO service provider, they can rank you on Google for sure but when you do SEO by yourself, this might be possible that you don’t see any results and all your time gets wasted.

Why work with an SEO company instead of doing it by yourself or hiring an Individual

There are some solid reasons why you should consider working with an SEO service provider company instead of hiring an individual Search engine optimizer from fiver or anything like that.
1. SEO needs investment in certain resources and SEO service companies have all the resources
Don’t ever think SEO is free. SEO is expensive. You need to use a lot of tools and resources while doing SEO like keyword research tool, SEO audit tools and a lot of others. These all tools are pretty expensive and will cost you at least hundreds of dollars pounds monthly. But when you work with an SEO service provider company, you need not worry about these investments. These agencies have all these resources to help you with your SEO.

2. SEO needs time
SEO does not give results overnight nor in a week. The fact is SEO takes months and years sometimes to give results like traffic. SEO Is An Ongoing Goal That Needs To Be Working On Constantly. If you do SEO by yourself, you would need to spend hours in SEO daily and still, results are not guaranteed. This would make it difficult for you to manage your time for your business. But SEO agencies have a bunch of professional that will work on your site continuously for as much time as you want to give you the results you demand.

3. Hiring an SEO service provider company is cheaper than hiring an Individual
When you hire an Individual for optimizing your website you often pay more than what you would pay to an SEO service provider company. And god knows if the individual SEO has all the resources and experience required for SEO. But SEO companies understand your business and your products thus can help you in a better way.
An SEO agency can help you with bringing in quality traffic to your site with SEO.
How to choose an SEO Compay

Yes, working with an SEO service provider company is the best option to make your business stable profitable online. But you should know how to choose the best SEO company out there which does not cost you your property.
When you will choose a reliable SEO company, you will see yourself ranking on Google, getting more organic traffic and finally getting more sales but if you chose the wrong company, you can get your site penalised for using black hat SEO or maybe you never get to see results.

How to Choose An SEO Company

1. Don’t trust cheap SEO agencies

As I told you earlier SEO is not at all cheap, SEO requires investments in the form of tools, resources and of course time. So if any SEO company says that they will SEO your website in just 100 pounds than stay away from them. They are not to trust. Cheap SEO companies are just there to make a contract with you and make a profit. These cheap agencies always try to cut their SEO cost and sometimes they might use black hat SEO if nothing seems to work for you.

2. Don’t trust companies that demand a lot of money

Certain SEO companies have very high quotes. They demand thousands of pounds from their clients uselessly. These companies are not to trust as they care more about their profit than giving results to their clients. You should always choose an SEO company that is affordable and give quality services like SEOLiquido.

3. Get company reviews and case studies

The best way to check if a company is reliable is to ask someone who has previously purchased their services. Just go and check their reviews online. If you don’t find any negative reviews, continue your research and check for other things. Don’t depend solely on reviews for checking the reliability of a company as reviews can be purchased.
Ask the company to give you some case studies and testimonials. This is the best way to get to know a company.

4. Don’t trust companies that guarantee rankings in a week or so

If any SEO company says you that they will rank your website on Google for your desired keywords within a week then, believe me, they are lying. SEO takes a whole lot of time and companies guarantee to give results in a week are scammy.
Don’t believe any SEO company if they try to convince you with such statements like guaranteed results in a week or month.

5. Ask for their experience in the related industry like SEM

SEO is just a part of your marketing strategy. Other tactics like SEM can too help you a lot. Any company involved in providing SEO service would definitely have some experience in SEM and digital marketing. Ask your company about this. SEOLiquido is a reputed company that provides both SEO and SEM services.

6. Schedule a consultation

Consulting your SEO company before hiring them is the best way to get to know them. Look for their experience, their strategies, their attitude and passion towards SEO.
7. Google is not always to trust
Don’t trust Google blindfold. The sites that are ranking for keywords like best SEO company are not always the best. Check all the points I mentioned above before hiring any company.

8. There is no secret sauce in SEO

If your company says, they have something secret SEO tactic that works every time for them. Don’t believe them and cut their name form your research list.
There is no secret sauce in SEO.

9. Ask them their strategy they will be used for ranking your site

This is the best way to ensure that your SEO company would not be using the Blackhat SEO. Ask them their strategy and if you get signs of black hat SEO, reject them. In case you don’t see any signs that they will be using black hat SEO, it’s always better to ask them or beware them not to use.

10. Ask them your questions and see if they fit your needs

The last and final thing to check is if the company is a good fit for you. In order to check this, ask them a few questions like-
What is in the contract, how long will it last, how to cancel the contract, what input you need from me, what type of access you want to my accounts like analytics and WordPress and few more question you would like to ask.


For choosing the best SEO company out there all you need to do is do some research. This is important, A reliable company can make your business stable profitable online and on the other side, a scammy company can damage your entire online reputation.

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