Google Plus is Shutting Down But Why and When

Google+, the social media platform by Google launched back in the year 2011 is now going to shut down. Yes, Google has announced that they are soon going to shut down Google+.

Google plus is a shutting down but no one cares. Google launched Google+ as to become the leading social media network and compete with Facebook and Twitter. But Google’s dream got shattered. Nothing like this happened and now Google+ is going to shut down.

Google has given multiple statements why they are going to shut down Google+ but the main reasons known to the world are listed below-

Why Google+ is Shutting Down

1. Google+ was a failure

Google+ is a highly unpopular social media platform by Google which has been struggling to find more consumers from its very launch date.
Google confirmed that Google+ is not getting enough consumers and more than that, engagement of users with Google+ is very low. 90% per cent of user sessions lasted less than 5 seconds according to Google themselves.

Google+ was a platform by Google that’s why Google somehow managed to keep the platform running for 7 years. And they would not have thought about closing it immediately if the security breach would not have happened.

2. Data Leak

The major reason that led to the immediate announcement of shutting down Google+ was the security breach.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google found the software bug in its API in March 2018, though it had existed since 2015.

This led to data leak of about 50,0000 Google+ users. Google was not able to confirm which users were impacted by the bug. The bug granted app developers access to user profile fields, which were not marked as public.

Google said that only email, name, gender and age data as leaked and other sensitive information were safe.

google_plus_is_shutting_downThe fact is Google+ is shutting down!

The consumer version of Google plus is shutting down following low usage rate and data leak. By August 2019, Google plus consumer version will be nowhere to see.
Will Google launch a substitute for Google+.

There is no evidence about Google launching a new social media platform. But This data leak has made us think again about the kind of trust we have on Google

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