Google June 2019 core update

Google June 2019 core update: How SEOLIQUIDO gained 70% ranking for SEO services

Did you lose traffic during the last Google June 2019 core update?

Do not worry you are not the only one.
Forums are full of webmasters and SEOs reporting a big drop in ranking and traffic (see this as an example).

Also, big players lost their traffic and asked the SEO community to help recover from this update (see this as an example).

Seoliqudo has been in the SEO game from quite a while and we have been improved our website slowly and organically as Google guidelines.

This is the ranking of our website showing the improvement of the last year.

Seoliquido appears on the first page for many keywords such as

  • affordable seo London
  • affordable seo uk
  • local seo services London

How this ranking improvement has been possible?

We spent a lot of time working on our website, improving the major aspects, doing deep SEO researches, gaining links, spending hours to study and apply our local SEO services strategy that is giving us this amazing results.

To answer more specifically the question we need you to understand how generally Google thinks and we want you to pay attention of the global Google business point of view and its search engine.

Google in the last year had to index billions of websites and content. Plus managing a bunch of other irrelevant ( have a laugh, kidding) applications such as Android.

It had to improve figures as a promotional platform which sell ads and which is the best at it.
As a corporation quoted on the stock exchange market, it needs to perform well all the time.

Google needs to sort out 40,000 search queries every second!

You can watch it live statistic here at any time.

How Google manages such a quantity of information and determinates which one is more relevant then about the search engine?
Through so many factors! Factors that grow every single update.

Google needs to prioritize many aspects and in such short period of time: in the same time its algorithm chooses the best content for that precise query more content are pushed out from other sources and it needs to modulate once again the search, all the time.

When SEOs talks about Google dance and SERP instability are increasing, they are right. The quantity and speed of content need to digest in such a short period of time is huge and Google needs to mix the cards all the time.

Google needs to recognize that the platform sharing that content is the best platform possible. Every day Google has to “study” the new content put online and to do it faster it is developing a real-time structure where its machine learning can choose which is the best content that Google users would be happy to read.

Your question at this point will be:

  • Why my content, which is the best written and related to my niche, doesn’t rank high?
  • Why competitors outrank me all the time?

The answers can be different and you need to check out many factors:

  • Their website has got more authority than yours.
  • Their Website is bigger and older than yours
  • Their page speed is much higher than yours
  • Their contents are more readable for the search engine itself
  • The overall website is a well-known brand and so it has already passed the Google trust test.
  • They have got more backlinks and more niche related.
  • They have got more blog articles and so more traffic
  • They have a strong campaign going on ( social, links or television)

Or maybe they have all these points better than yours. Read our general guide about what does not make you rank well here.

As you can read, the answer could be extremely various. Nowadays we need to study case by case and the niche the client is trying to rank its website.
The old days where you could tell the clients “ build links “ or improve the on-page are far gone.

Unfortunately, every case is different and the time where quick analysis of the website could sort out the problem it is over.

Now that you understand a bit better the general SEO scenario; Let’s see what made Google decide our website deserved to rank higher on Google and why.

Constant work on the website.

Google changes fast. Your website should too.
Since the last year, we worked hard on our website. We improved;

  • Server

The speed and stability of the server made us lost 6 months of ranking as we placed our website on what we thought a solid server at the beginning.
This mistake made us lost months of SERP instability due to the fact Google loves speed and very respondent server to satisfy its users. We moved on Siteground for more stability and better results.

  • Speed

As I remembered before now Google is sorting out billions of content and websites. Why it should give relevance to a website where the owner is selling services on a platform that makes users wasting their own time loading a webpage? Google has got a priority to make appear your queries in the faster time as possible.
Please read our guide on how to increase page speed and how to offer a better page speed load time to your clients.

  • UX DESIGN, SOCIAL, and HTTPS as a ranking factor

Our company never used Social before as we could effort to live on the SERP. Now social signals are really important as it shows Google you are becoming a trend, a brand or an authority in your field.
Having a Facebook page, LinkedIn and Instagram is vital to surviving also on the SERP.
Https, Social signals, and UX experience got a small but relevant space in the Google algorithm. This has been necessary as most clients are surfing from mobile and are on social. Google is trying to offer the best solution as possible forcing all the websites following strict and safe routes to make the web a safer place and more intuitive.

  • Niche Backlinks, blogging, and content

Backlinks are always important as they tell Google if your business or website has been referenced as an authority in that field or scenario, informative or meaningful information users are asking for. Backlinks help Google to determinate which is the main content people are looking for and if it is related to that kind of search terminology.
Write your best content and try to rank it on page one as this blog post. People will use you as a reference and natural links will appear in your metrics.

What about good content?

If you write on “SEO for pharmaceutical industry” you will find our blog post related to that argument ranking really well. (

If you write: “ SEO for trekking” you will find another seoliquido article describing that kind of service and on the first page. And so on. (

As much as Google indexing many contents he has to choose the winner as users need that information in case they need to.

People will always share useful information or refer to them. Try to be useful in the blog posts and straightforward.

Manual Backlinks must be carefully studied and carried case by case as any niche is different and they must be implemented along with the promotional campaign you are doing.

Spammy links must be analysed case by case and disavowed only if necessary.

  • Web design

As much as it is personal, web design ( especially in the London market) should be really taken care of.
We wrote about the importance of this here.
Users love well-done websites, easy to use and simple. Web design is what helps ROI perfume well. A poor website wouldn’t be able to attract returning visits as poor structured.

There is no more precise information we can give away. SEO became complicated because the search volume is growing so fast. Every project must be analyzed separately and many factors could influence your ranking.

Seoliquido is glad to help you perform well online, we test our tactics on our websites as we believe in what we sell. Please feel free to contact us to avail our SEO services.