Digital Marketing: Is SEO New Grammar?

Technology has changed our perceptions of the world quickly. Powerful smartphones and other smart gadgets, computers, robots, automatization- it seems to be everywhere. It wasn’t a long time ago that we started using the Internet for daily activities. However, 2020 brought some changes that showed what else we can do with our devices.

COVID-19 has challenged humankind, privately and professionally. People were spending their free time at home, looking for online entertainment options. Businesses struggled to adjust their working style to restricted circumstances. However, the pandemic has demonstrated that some activities may have a simpler, more convenient alternative in online dimensions. Therefore, both small or large companies are introducing remote working. The social media giant, Twitter, said that previous months have shown that off-site working can be successful, and they allowed their staff to continue in such away.

Freelancers, creators, and numerous online services have existed in this format for a while. With more businesses going on the Internet, the need for digital marketing was never higher.

Why is digital marketing beneficial to your business?

If you still wonder whether you should invest in online marketing for your business, here are a few benefits you could gain from it.

  1. Digital marketing wideness the reach! There is no doubt that, compared to the traditional printed marketing campaign, running it online would help you access more people. Traditional methods rely on billboards, flyers, and newspaper advertisements. This style is very limiting in terms of location. You can communicate with people locally, whereas, with digital functions, your business can expend all over the globe.
  2. Digital Marketing Lowers down the costs! Paying for traditional campaigns can get overwhelming. To create, print and spread materials cost a lot of money. Even though you would have to hire professionals for successful online marketing as well, the services you pay for are significantly cheaper.
  3. Helps establish effective communication! How many times you have passed by the billboard without noticing what is on it? Well, we all do it. The haste of current day to day life doesn’t support this type of marketing. People don’t buy printed newspapers, watch commercial films, or pay attention to flayers any more. In the online perspectives, links are directing customer’s attention. When they get to your content or site, they are way more likely to do what you want them to. For example, instead of going to the store, everything is just one click away.
    On the other hand, your commercials online are not time-limited. Customers can access it at any time they are available. According to the Washington Post, one-third of all shopping queries on Google happens from 10 pm to 4 am. Whether it is decision fatigue, or something else, customers are more likely to purchase at night. Therefore, the time flexibility of digital marketing is very beneficial to the business.


Being successful in your digital marketing guarantees the benefits to the business. It does take knowledge, experience, and strategy to do it properly, however. Hiring professionals in the field would save you time and money, moving your business a lot further.

One technique that seems to be the most important in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just as the correct grammar in books serves to establish the order and understanding, SEO helps search engines understand you better and promote you to the online community. As an innovative tool, it is more than necessary for anyone doing anything on the Internet. A laborious and time-consuming process, companies such as SEOLiquido can support you there. Leave it to us and enjoy the benefits.

Digital Marketing: Is SEO New Grammar? 1

What is actually SEO?

MOZ defines SEO by three terms: the quality and quantity of traffic and organic results. SEO is a technique that assures you get the right people on your site and that you get more of them. Quantity itself is meaningless if you don’t have people interested in what you have- those that would spend time or money on your page. If you follow correct Search Engine Optimization steps, Google, or any other engine, would rank your page higher in the search results. If you want real traffic, you want to rank within the first page.

Who needs SEO?

It is mentioned before that everyone who does something online should use or at least be aware of SEO practices. Below are some examples of those who should engage in it highly.


Creators of online content, such as content or copywriters need to prioritize SEO. With loads of information on the Internet, engines now filter and suggest to readers what they should see. Therefore, writers need to make Google love their posts in order to reach the audience.

SEO consists of various practices, but optimizing on-page is what writers need to excel. Engines suggest against targeted keywords. Keywords are those that readers would type in when they search. However, knowing how, where, and how often to use them so engines can find the post is a though work that requires experience.

Competition in blogging is enormous. Your work may be good, but you cannot gain the publicity you deserve if engines do not acknowledge it.

Business owners

Whether you own an online business, or you just run the website for offline entrepreneurship, you need to understand and apply SEO. To make yourself visible, your site needs to be SEO optimized in all dimensions- on-page and off-page.

Social media dependents

digital marketing for social media dependentsTerm social media influencers emerged recently. They live of the content posted on social networks. With a growing pool, the presence of businesses and individual creators on such sites is inevitable. If you want your social media presence to be more fruitful, consider optimization.

There has been a lot of debate over the relationship between social media and SEO, so HootSuite conducted the experiment to find out.

‘Going in, we understood the accepted position on the topic is: there is an indirect relationship between social media and SEO. That is, content that performs well on social will likely earn more backlinks, which helps boost search rank.’’

Improvements in links and social engagement are found to be the benefits of social media SEO. Links that are shared through social networks are taken as credible-backlinks that help on Google ranking.

After all, social media platforms are search engines themselves. Taking the SEO strategies specialized for social networks will bring obvious improvements.

Web Developers

As a website creator, you have to know the SEO strategies in depth in order to produce quality sites. SEO has a shallow portion that are a bit easier to grasp. However, there is much going on below the surface. Developers need to adjust their work to these online presence laws. In 2020, Mozzer scientists published a new SEO Cheat Sheet for Web developers. If you are interested in learning more, go to MOZ site via this link

Why do you need it now?

This year is thought to be bringing a turning point in business. Innovations are emerging daily to keep people safe and satisfied at the same time. As novelties appear online, we need to know to ropes to stand out. Traditional marketing is slowly fading in these conditions, so make sure to relay more on digital format alternatives.

SEO is one of the most important tools to boost your online presence. The quality Search Optimization strategy is what sets average from the highest-performing site on the Internet.  It does require time to properly develop. Take it now, so you don’t regret it later.

What are the practices for 2020?

Today, we are going to feature some ideas for your digital marketing on where you could put more effort for the better SR performance.

Visualization is the key

Humans love visuals. From the caveman that used it primitively, over 19th-century artists, to today, visual is an irreplaceable communication form. Today’s world relies heavily on eye-appealing things.

By knowing your audience, you can choose right visual approach and emphasize it. In the competitive environment, you want to be striking in look, to drive attention to what you have to say.

How to attract: Research

Google absolutely loves research. It is the harder way out, but the only stable solution. Thoroughly researching before posting, writing, or interacting should be the priority. That is how you raise the credibility of your audience. People trust data nowadays. Bring it up well, and you are going to spread easier.

Speed it up!

The phrase ‘’Time is money’’ seems to be never more relevant. The fact is- we do not like to lose the time. Not only that the site which is not loading fast enough would turn down the visitor, but Google as well. Speed is one of the crucial factors for SEO success. There are variety of tools that you can use to measure whether your site is competitively fast. When you see where you stand, look for methods to work on it here:

Build up the content! Create for the value!

Readers seek quality. Therefore, the value of the information provided should be your goal. Search engines support that claim: ‘’Think the reader first’’. Work on the content and the way to deliver it for the maximum performance.

SEO specialists advise paying special attention to titles and introductory paragraphs. For the reader, what you offer in the very beginning is what decides whether you are going to keep them. Attention spans are shrinking, so try to deliver maximum within the first lines. As for the engines, titles and intro paragraph sentences is what matters the most. Make sure to find a winning formula for the attention capture of both the reader and the algorithm.