How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Website

How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Website – 2020 Update

How to boost your Domain Authority – Update July 2020 If you ask any SEO expert or SEO services provider about the main goal of Search Engine Optimization, they will definitely tell you it is to get to the top position on the first SERP. And, of course, it makes sense. The whole first page of Google’s search results is important, but the 1st position has some privileges. When you get to top position of the first page, your CTR becomes at least 200% higher than the 2nd position result. …

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advanced seo techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques That can Double Your Organic Traffic

Advanced SEO Techniques – Updated July 2020 According to giant digital marketers, 80% of the website traffic is generated through search queries. That’s why SEO becomes an essential part of the marketing of a website. Getting and staying at the top of the search results take a lot of researches, effort, and experiments. As all of us know, Google changes its search algorithm almost daily, so it is very important to keep ourselves updated with the latest algorithm. There are so many search engines but Google’s user base is huge …

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Algorithmic and Manual Penalties

What are Algorithmic and Manual Penalties of Google

Updated: July 2020. When you do illegal activities to get top ranking on Google’s SERP, they may recognize it and and you may incur in algorithmic and manual penalties. This can deindex your site completely or just the affected pages. Algorithmic and Manual Penalties There are two types of penalties: Manual. Algorithmic. Manual penalties are given by Google workers who audit your site against their quality parameters and deem that you are violating at least one of them. Algorithmic penalties are given by the algorithms which regularly check all the …

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common seo fixes that can boost your ranking

Some Most Common SEO Fixes That Can Boost Your Rankings Immediately

Common SEO Fixes that can boost your ranking – Updated July 2020 A business owner spends some bucks to make a website; in return, he must want users on the website so that he can generate revenue. Yes, that is the whole and sole motive of creating it. There is no meaning in creating a website if nobody visits it. One thing you need to understand is that only developing a website is not enough. You need to get it listed with the top search engines and, of course, on …

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Yoast SEO Plugin – One of the Best Plugin Used by SEO Experts

Yoast SEO Plugin – Updated June 2020 Nowadays, most of the web developers prefer WordPress for website building. The website created through WordPress needs some plugins to implement On-page SEO techniques. To help in SEO of the website, plenty of SEO plugins are available on the Internet. So, the question arises which one you should install? The widely used by most of the big digital marketers, “Yoast SEO” plugin, seems to be just perfect. Here, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Yoast SEO (formerly known …

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What is an SSL Certificate and How It Helps Your Website to Grow

What is an SSL Certificate and How It Helps Your Website to Grow

What is an SSL Certificate – Updated June 2020 Have you ever seen your website appearing as an “unsecured site” in Google Chrome? If yes, then you must want to know the reason behind it. In this blog, we are going to discuss that issue. The most relevant reason for this issue is not having an SSL certificate that converts your web pages into secure and encrypted HTTPS pages. A few people may believe that there’s no requirement for an SSL certificate if your site isn’t utilized to store or …

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featured snippets header

Featured Snippets Dominates More Search Clicks

Google has evolved over the years, from generic search results to deliver a better search experience to users through Ahrefs, high-quality backlinks, improved SEO algorithms, and via the creation of the preview feature – also known as featured snippets. Through this, Google Search is heading towards more immediate answers and more clicks on SERPs. Many SEO specialists would assume that featured snippets have been designed for web sites with much lower rankings on the SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages. In actuality, most high-ranking web pages enjoy the support of …

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ux design and friendly seo

A Perfect Ux Design vs. a Super SEO-Friendly Website.

Every professional website is assumed to provide a combination of the following web surfing experiences; a perfectly optimized Ux design and a well-organized outline that depicts SEO-friendliness. While the former ensures that prospective clients get a streamlined web surfing experience while browsing through a website. The latter places the site at the topmost layer on popular search engines, making it easiest for potential customers in search of similar services to find these web pages. Not to mention that there are lots of write-ups on the web with a topic definition …

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The SEO Ruler PRO

The world wide web and the Internet are continuously inundated with a myriad of contents daily. The algorithms used by Google, Bing, and other popular search engines to sort online materials on their ranking list are prone to constant change. Hence, content creators and writers are always looking out for ways to have their content SEO-friendly, in a bid to have such materials rank highest amidst this innumerable web-based content. That said, to outpace the competition, adroit content developers have now devised a means to keep abreast of the SEO …

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london seo services and tactics 2020

London SEO Services and Local Tactics That Work in 2020

While in search for the best London SEO service – local or internationally, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Including but are not limited to; an expansive search engine visibility, which entails an improved search engine ranking, more relevant website traffic, more leads, and of course, an augmented ROI. In this regard, local SEO services in London could help businesses generate more sales, especially within London’s geographical location. Just as these SEO service providers proffer solutions that rank clients in London’s business map listings. They also …

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