How to protect your site from content theft and does it affect your site?

Updated February 2022 If you are a writer, you know what it takes to write a high-quality article. You spend hours researching and writing to create the best content out there. But what happens when someone uses your diligent work for his benefit without caring a damn about you? Yes, I am talking about content theft. It feels so frustrating and angry when someone else uses your article without your permission. But what can you do and does it affect you or your site in any manner? Should you care …

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SEO Tips to Improve Ranking on Search Engine Results

4 best SEO Tips to Improve Google Ranking

Updated January 2022 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really a crafty procedure which requires a lot of professionalism and experience. Improve Google ranking by SEO If you know anything about search engine optimization, you will agree with me that it is very tough to enhance a site’s positioning in Google and other search engine results. Because of a lot of poor quality content posted on the web, search engines have installed some algorithms to rank pages according to their usefulness and worthiness. Google has algorithms like, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird …

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Write Meta Descriptions to Earn Higher Priority in SERP

  Whenever you make a search on Google or any other search engine, you see various results containing a title with some 2 lines of content. Yes, that little content is known as “Meta Description”. And every webpage should have one and unique. If you own a website, then meta-tags must matter to you. Because a user always reads meta description on search results before opening it. So, we can say that, this meta-tag is the website’s final try to get your attention and finalize the deal. This is a …

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