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"Sharing knowledge is absolutely necessary, Google and IT in general are too fast growing fields, without sharing wouldn't be possible learning enough to create cooler applications"
D.Beccaria, co-founder SeoLiquido, regarding sharing knowledge.

SEO strategies for travel and trekking agencies explained

Travel and trekking industry is full of competition but still, if you can market your company properly, you can make huge profits in this industry. Especially travel industry is awash with competition, Huge OTAs like Expedia and Trivago are marketing themselves using all possible channels like T.V ads and online paid ads. These huge OTAs spend millions on their marketing. Nearly between 80-90% travellers book their trips online so for smaller outfits search marketing is the best option to grow their agency and bring in new customers. Now search marketing …

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seo for start-ups

SEO for Start-ups- Why and How Start-ups should take advantage of SEO

Launching a new business is never an easy task, moreover making a business successful is much harder. If you are thinking of launching a start-up in 2019 or beyond then you must know that in 2019 no business can grow without marketing. Marketing is such an essential part of every business strategy. There is a popular saying that “it’s not about who has the idea first but who has it best” And according to me ” it’s not about who has the idea first but who marketed it in the …

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How to Choose The Best SEO Services and Make Your Business Stably Profitable

Search engine optimization is for everybody and anybody. No matter what type of business you own, there are always some possibilities that SEO can do any good for your business. SEO is used by all type of businesses be it a small coffee shop, a medium sized real estate business, or multinational large companies like Amazon. It’s your time to start using search engine optimization to grow your business online. What SEO can do for your business? There are a plenty of things SEO can do for you. Here are …

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Google Plus is Shutting Down But Why and When

Google+, the social media platform by Google launched back in the year 2011 is now going to shut down. Yes, Google has announced that they are soon going to shut down Google+. Google plus is a shutting down but no one cares. Google launched Google+ as to become the leading social media network and compete with Facebook and Twitter. But Google’s dream got shattered. Nothing like this happened and now Google+ is going to shut down. Google has given multiple statements why they are going to shut down Google+ but …

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Why Website Speed Matters and How To Improve It

Update February 2022 This is 2022 and most people don’t have any time. Website speed has become more important than ever now for both your conversions and SEO. According to Google- “53% Users abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load”. Amazon would lose over $1.6 billion if it slowed down by even 1 second. And you will lose your 50% of your mobile traffic and lots of leads if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. These stats are all enough for you to start …

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Common SEO risks A Company Should Avoid At Any Cost (Plus 3 worth taking)

SEO is crucial for your business website. SEO is hard, SEO is time-consuming and sometimes SEO can be risky. Yes, some SEO risks are worth taking to grow fast while others are to be avoided. In this article, I am going to make you aware of some SEO risks you should avoid at all cost. These are some risks worth not taking as these can damage your rankings and will likely do your business more harm than good. And in the last, I will list two SEO risk worth taking …

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Why you are not ranking on Google?- SEO mistakes you are doing and how to fix them

SEO has an important place in any business marketing strategy. Constantly optimizing your content and website for search engines is the top priority of any marketer out there. You are doing SEO for a long but still not getting results. You know why? You are making some common SEO mistakes like others. No matter how much time you spend in your SEO if you don’t fix those mistakes you are doing then the results are hard to come. The thing is SEO is hard in 2018 and added to this …

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SEO For Real Estate Agents – How Real Estate SEO Can Increase Your Leads

If you run a real estate business and you have a website for the same then this article is for you. Every business wants more leads and real estate SEO is something that can get your real estate business more leads through your website. Yes, you heard it right. SEO can make your real estate business website show higher in organic search results for relevant keywords which in turn can get you targeted website visitors and these visitors, in turn, can be converted into leads. Simple. But still not every …

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How Local SEO tactics Can Leverage More Sales for Your Local Business

Updated February 2022 An online business running completely online may never need local SEO as they are fully free to target customers worldwide but Local SEO tactics are crucial for offline businesses who want to grow their business online. Local SEO is not only meant for local business owners who wanna get more leads from their city but also for businesses that are multi-located. It is nothing new in 2022 but still, only a few of local and multi-location business owners pay attention to it due to not being aware …

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20 free SEO Tools every content marketer should use to skyrocket growth

Updated February 2022 Writing is hard and if you write blogs then its double hard. Just because everyone today is doing content marketing and this makes content marketing industry so competitive. Content marketer and SEO tools Every content marketer out there wants to see his content ranking 1 on Google. But that’s not easy because of such competition. To rank 1 on SERP, you need high-quality content. Quality content has been identified as a major search engine ranking factor. And if you still don’t pay attention to it then ranking …

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