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"Sharing knowledge is absolutely necessary, Google and IT in general are too fast growing fields, without sharing wouldn't be possible learning enough to create cooler applications"
D.Beccaria, co-founder SeoLiquido, regarding sharing knowledge.
local seo coffee london

Local SEO Guide for London Coffee Shops and Blogs

No matter what industry your business is in, you will have competitors making standing out difficult without a proper local SEO strategy. But the London coffee shop industry is incredibly competitive, coffee shops are everywhere these days but only the ones that build a strong presence will thrive. Because of this SEO for coffee shops is incredibly important and with such a competitive industry you should never risk trying the DIY approach. Instead, it is highly recommended that you use a professional SEO specialist to handle it for you. With …

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tf-idf and seo

Take your SEO to the next level with TF-IDF

Tf-idf or to give you its full name term frequency-inverse document frequency is a numerical statistic that is used to show how important a certain word is in a text corpus. A text corpus can include a wide variety of different mediums but yes it does include the text you find on a website. So, what exactly is the purpose of tf-idf? Well, the official term used to describe tf-idf is that of weighting factor in laymen’s terms this means it is used to determine exactly what a document is …

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Google June 2019 core update

Google June 2019 core update

Google June 2019 core update: How SEOLIQUIDO gained 70% ranking for SEO services Did you lose traffic during the last Google June 2019 core update? Do not worry you are not the only one. Forums are full of webmasters and SEOs reporting a big drop in ranking and traffic (see this as an example). Also, big players lost their traffic and asked the SEO community to help recover from this update (see this as an example). Seoliqudo has been in the SEO game from quite a while and we have been improved …

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SEO for art galleries in London

SEO for art galleries in London, a guide for artists and art dealers

Do you need SEO for art galleries in London? If you own a London art gallery or you are trading art as a dealer in London you certainly do. This guide is intended to help you ranking higher on Google for few local buyer art keywords such as “ best art gallery London “ , “ art galleries in Shoreditch “ or “best London’s art dealers” Why is it important to be on the first page for art galleries keywords? The reason is really simple: London is a tourist capital; …

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local seo guide for accountants

Local SEO Guide for Accountants and CPA Firms

In this Local SEO Guide for Accountants, we are listing a few search engine optimization tricks to improve the overall ranking and traffic for your accounting firm’s website. When a UK client needs an accountant most of the time will take 2 actions: Ask a friend, business partner if they know someone reliable and affordable. Go on Google and search: “accounting firm” or other accountancy related keywords such as “accountant near me” or “chartered accountants London”. When the client takes this second option Google will show over 30 million search …

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right web design in london to increase visitors

Increase Visitors to Your Website With The Right Web Design in London

London is the main hub of the UK that is pretty much universally agreed, some cities might be higher or more important to certain industries but when you look at everything London comes out on top. Being the capital city of the UK this is pretty much a given and as the capital city, it is home to many different businesses. Because of this web design in London is incredibly important, if you want your business to stand out you need to be very careful when it comes to the …

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seo for pharmaceutical companies

9 Tips for Good SEO for Pharmaceutical Companies

SEO for Pharmaceutical Companies: regardless of what type of website you have, search engine optimisation is integral for a business that wants to be noticed online. It’s easy to assume that all SEO methods are the same, and while there can be a lot of similarities, there will be times when a tailored approach must be taken. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical industry. There are a lot of tactics that remain the same just as there are tactics that should be avoided altogether. The following is an overview …

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seo strategy in london

How to plan your local SEO strategy in London

Planning an SEO strategy in London is tough as it is a crowded city after all and no matter what industry your business is in there is bound to be a lot of local competition. It might seem like building an effective SEO strategy in London is impossible but it can be done! Local SEO services in London require a bit more out of the box thinking and planning to get right. You really need to plan carefully and be as industry-specific as you can. Whether you run a trendy …

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seo online estate agents tutorial

The Necessity of SEO for Online Estate Agents

SEO for Online Estate Agents: it’s true that any business can benefit from SEO, but the approach can differ depending on the goals of the business This is especially true for estate agents. Whereas some businesses may have their sights set on a global demographic, but estate agents will need to tailor their goals accordingly. There’s also the business model to consider. Some estate agents may be offering a brick and mortar business, but those offering an online-only equivalent needs to ensure that the SEO practices being used are up …

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SEO statistics and SEO updates- Know SEO with Numbers

Search engine optimization is a deep sea of opportunities and in this article, we are going to dive deep into SEO Statistics to explore this sea. Power of SEO 67K searches are performed on Google every second- That means over 4020K searches are performed in a minute. These seo statistics say how big and profitable search market is. 93% of online experience begins with a search engine- This percentage says why search engine optimization is so important. Almost 93% of people use a search engine to find websites. 80% users …

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