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"Sharing knowledge is absolutely necessary, Google and IT in general are too fast growing fields, without sharing wouldn't be possible learning enough to create cooler applications"
D.Beccaria, co-founder SeoLiquido, regarding sharing knowledge.
content plagiarism checker

Here’s how plagiarism checker helps SEO marketers for better content

SEO marketers are quite aware of the consequences of using plagiarism in their content marketing and this is the reason why plagiarism checker is one of their important strategies. The marketers usually sometime at risk of their implications especially when doing digital marketing because only a single wrong step can put a website from top to down in SERP. There are many cases where the unintentional use of copied content lets the website from the first page to the last pages where nobody comes to visit. Remember, the unique content …

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seo for photography

SEO for Photography: Why should you use SEO as a creative?

Back in the time when marketing was on its conception, it was quite unimaginable what a good representation could do for your idea. People tried marketing in a variety of ways, but nothing seemed to yield the desired effects. Then a now world-renowned man, Claude C.Hopkins, realized that a good advertising trick could change even the way people live. Being given a toothpaste brand, Pepsodent, to advertise, he knew he needed something big in order to succeed. Well, today’s man would have just said: ‘’If the toothpaste was of good …

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technical seo 2020 audit

Technical SEO Audit 2020: what you need to know

Technology has reshaped our lives. Human reach and possibilities are expanding as these inventions are improving. Devices became unavoidable components of our lives- a shield, sword, and spear of a modern man. It is now obvious that those who master technology are in a significant advantage over the rest of the world. Technology has its foot in all walks of life- business, education, arts, and science. Medicine and pharmacy have also embraced innovation as critical for combating some of the greatest fears of humankind. From all the perspectives, the introduction …

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How to Use UTM Code to Track Your Leads

UTM – Updated – August 2020 When you are not following an effective lead generation strategy, it means your marketing strategy is incomplete. If you are getting a lot of leads through your website then you have to understand through which mode the users are landing on your site. There are various types of lead generation techniques, maybe you are following all or most of them. You can learn all effective lead generation techniques here: https://www.quicksprout.com/2017/11/20/the-most-effective-ways-to-generate-leads-for-your-business/ When you get a new lead then you want to reapply that particular marketing …

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Learn the Difference between Google Analytics and Search Console

Learn the Difference between Google Analytics and Search Console

Updated – August 2020 Google Analytics and Search Console are free tools provided by Google. They are used when a website owner wants to do SEO or online promotion of his site. Google Analytics is a tool that is used to analyze the performance of the website by tracking the types and quantity of traffic. Google launched its analytics tool in November 2005 with some basic features. However, they have been updating tools from time to time. Nowadays, Google Analytics has many features. Any verified user can see the custom …

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search engines mechanism

Search Engine Working Mechanism: Crawl, Index, Rank

Updated – August 2020 Search engines are available to help the internet users to discover and learn the content present anywhere on the internet. When a user searches anything on search engines, he gets a number of results. The top result page contains only 10 results and most of the users visit only these. So, everybody wants to get his content published within these first 10 results. To get the position there, first, your content needs to be visible to the targeted search engine. A simple logic:” If your site …

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free online seo audit tools in 2020

Free Online SEO Audit Tools: should I Pay for an Audit in 2020?

In the era of complete digitalization, marketing tradition has transformed. Starting a business does not require a huge office, loads of equipment, an army of staff. All you need today to kick start on your career path is a single computer and, of course, the right SEO audit tools. More of the businesses exist only in the online world. Furthermore, the safety concerns around COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks demonstrated that this kind of operation may yield very positive results. All of the mentioned cleaned the floor for online marketing. Promoting in …

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convert normal website to seo friendly website

How Can You Convert A Normal Website into A SEO Friendly Site? 2020 Update

Updated July 2020 In most of the cases, a website does not look the same to the user as it looks to a search engine. There is a possibility that the users may like a webpage but search engines don’t at all. You always want all search engines to like your page so that they can show it on the top of the search results. This is the only way to generate organic traffic. To achieve this your website should be, under many aspects, SEO friendly. The marketing industry is …

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digital marketing techniques

Boost your Website Traffic through Digital Marketing Techniques in 2020

Updated July 2020 With Internet access, the majority of the people in the world can get information by means of PCs, tablets, or mobile phones, whenever they need it. So, displaying anything on the screen of any internet-enabled device provides more benefits than displaying it through a print campaign on the hoardings in the city. Digital Marketing Techniques Revolution – 2020 edition In the last decade, digital media has almost replaced traditional form of marketing. All businesses try to build an online presence. In restricted conditions brought in by COVID-19 …

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What are On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimizations

Updated July 2020 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique which helps a website owner to promote the visibility or ranking of the website on search engine results (SERP) for some particular keywords. If one owns a website then he wants a large amount of traffic on his website. Because high traffic means high chances of getting business or leads. There are many ways to increase the traffic on a website, out of them SEO is one of the most important techniques. There are many companies which provide best SEO …

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