SEO Writing – The Best SEO Writing Techniques For 2019

SEO writing is constantly changing and new and innovative strategies are being developed all the time. This is great news for anyone who works in SEO writing but also means there is a lot to learn and think about.

A quick Google search of “SEO best strategies 2019” is going to bring up a lot of things and you could easily hit information overload. So, how do you ensure your SEO writing is successful and of high-quality in 2019?

Well despite the fact that SEO writing is constantly evolving learning how to write SEO friendly content and build an effective SEO strategy can still be achieved following some universal tips and advice. Let’s look at some of the best SEO writing tips and strategies for 2019, shall we?


Use Opportunity Keywords

Opportunity keywords aren’t exactly a new addition to the world of SEO writing but they are seeing more use when it comes to writing for SEO in 2019. Opportunity keywords are words that have a high organic click rate and because of this using them carefully in your content can almost always guarantee you more clicks.

However, opportunity keywords alone won’t do everything. You need to know how to fit them into your content organically so they actually attract visitors. Searching for the keywords on Google can give you some inspiration on how to use them.

Writing For Voice Searches

Writing your content with the mobile platform in mind is now something almost everyone does. However, when doing your SEO writing these days you also need to keep voice search in mind as well. More and more people are talking to their phone when searching the web and ignoring the keyboard altogether.

Which means you need to approach your SEO writing with that in mind this trend is still emerging and is sure to be one of the best SEO techniques for 2019. So, get ahead of the curve and remember to think about voice search when writing your content.

Proper Website Navigation Is More Important Than Ever

The best SEO writing isn’t just about getting people onto your website that is just phase one you need to keep them there as well. That is why proper, simple and easy to follow website navigation is more important than ever.

Websites these days are sprawling but you need to ensure anyone going to your site can easily navigate it. Simple things like having your businesses logo link back to your homepage and having easily readable and accessible navigation menus are incredibly important.

fast websiteMake Your Website Fast

You can have the best SEO writing in the world but it won’t do you much good if your site runs at a snail’s pace will it? Which is why an important part of any businesses SEO strategy should be to ensure their website is fast.

Patience might be a virtue but you’ll find the average consumer to want results quickly. Make sure your website is properly optimised to allow for high-speed travel around your site things like optimising images and plugins can help you do this.

Sharing Is Caring

Social media is pretty much a given these days, isn’t it? Any business serious about building an effective SEO strategy for 2019 should have a presence on social media. But merely having an account isn’t enough you need to know how to use it properly and one mistake many businesses make is not sharing other people’s content.

Your content is important and should be your main priority but it shouldn’t be your only priority. By sharing other people’s content you are building a better online presence and building trust. It also makes others more likely to share your content in the future as well.

Improve Existing Content

One of the best SEO writing tips for 2019 isn’t just focused on creating new content but also improving and resharing your existing content as well. Don’t be afraid of refreshing some older content if you think it’s still relevant.

You can also link new content back to older pieces you have done as well. In 2019 you shouldn’t be leaving your content out there to die or be forgotten you should link back to it and refresh it whenever you can. Effective SEO writing doesn’t just mean creating new content but also knowing how to better use what you have already created as well. Also make sure you use the right tools.

content_is_kingCreate High-Quality Content

My final tip when it comes to writing for SEO in 2019 is one thing that will never change but not enough people follow and that is creating high-quality content. The quality of your website’s content is taken into account when it comes to your ranking and it is being focused on more heavily these days.

The new Google Algorithm update, for example, places a stronger emphasis on the quality of your content and how long people actually spend on your website. So, remember providing the best SEO writing isn’t always about keywords or backlinks building high-quality content should always be your main focus.