content plagiarism checker

Here’s how plagiarism checker helps SEO marketers for better content

SEO marketers are quite aware of the consequences of using plagiarism in their content marketing and this is the reason why plagiarism checker is one of their important strategies. The marketers usually sometime at risk of their implications especially when doing digital marketing because only a single wrong step can put a website from top to down in SERP. There are many cases where the unintentional use of copied content lets the website from the first page to the last pages where nobody comes to visit. Remember, the unique content …

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seo for photography

SEO for Photography: Why should you use SEO as a creative?

Back in the time when marketing was on its conception, it was quite unimaginable what a good representation could do for your idea. People tried marketing in a variety of ways, but nothing seemed to yield the desired effects. Then a now world-renowned man, Claude C.Hopkins, realized that a good advertising trick could change even the way people live. Being given a toothpaste brand, Pepsodent, to advertise, he knew he needed something big in order to succeed. Well, today’s man would have just said: ‘’If the toothpaste was of good …

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technical seo 2020 audit

Technical SEO Audit 2020: what you need to know

Technology has reshaped our lives. Human reach and possibilities are expanding as these inventions are improving. Devices became unavoidable components of our lives- a shield, sword, and spear of a modern man. It is now obvious that those who master technology are in a significant advantage over the rest of the world. Technology has its foot in all walks of life- business, education, arts, and science. Medicine and pharmacy have also embraced innovation as critical for combating some of the greatest fears of humankind. From all the perspectives, the introduction …

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