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So, what does this really mean?

We believe that SEO strategies are one of the most important long-term investments. We think that companies should practice SEO as soon as their online business is online and kicking.
With our affordable SEO services in London and UK we give smaller businesses or start-ups the chance to fight against bigger competitors that already have got an online presence and probably a strong investor behind them.


Please note, affordable doesn’t mean cheap.

Competing with corporation on high volume keywords is not an easy thing to do.

Cheap usually means a penalisation from Google in most cases.

why use our consultancy?

The main aim for any online businesses should be to generate new clients and leads monthly, without paying so much on publicity and merchandise. Especially when it can be so expensive and will only help your business in the short term.

Even in cases where a business chose expensive backlinks, publicity or PPC, when the publicity is over, the leads and traffic will decrease. Especially if the correct on page SEO hasn’t be applied on that specific website before the big promotional investments were made.

A minimum promotional budget is needed and the right strategies must be analysed correctly before starting any SEO campaigns.

We call this analysies a part of SEO consultancy. It is the process that brings together all the data about your business and analyses your actual online situation.

Our reports are generated within 5 working days
the cost is £500.

what do you get?

An online business is made from hundreds of factors that will impact in a positive or negative way on your business. Our job is to understand your website situation, while also establishing the direction your future online project would like to take.. Without a strict analysis, it is impossible to determine which one is the right strategy and what the timing needs to be to succeed online. We have developed an SEO consultancy report that will take care of these main factors. This is very important for all the clients, as it helps you to understand where you are standing and why your online business isn’t generating enough profit. Our report is based on years of experience and it will analyse your branding, the right keywords, technical mistakes, speed of your website, the right plug ins (if needed), your server, the right strategy for your business, your business plan and your future business ideas.

We do not believe in free consultancy, as anything free must be done quickly, without analysing properly all the critical factors of your online business.

Inside the report will also be a quote for a possible backlinks campaign, this depends on your business, the volume and servers etc. Or, we can also consider software modifications that your website needs to succeed online, the time to make these modifications and the cost.

The report has also been made for webmasters that are confident in their job, but haven’t got enough time or experience within the SEO industry.

We are glad we are helping startups to grow online step by step. By slowly and constantly following Google policy’s and giving our clients a good user experience, we will help them generate more traffic, clients and increase overall brand awareness.

AFFORDABLE = The right price for a valuable service

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