20 free SEO Tools every content marketer should use to skyrocket growth

Updated February 2022

Writing is hard and if you write blogs then its double hard. Just because everyone today is doing content marketing and this makes content marketing industry so competitive.

Content marketer and SEO tools

Every content marketer out there wants to see his content ranking 1 on Google. But that’s not easy because of such competition. To rank 1 on SERP, you need high-quality content.

Quality content has been identified as a major search engine ranking factor. And if you still don’t pay attention to it then ranking on Google will always be just a dream for you.

If you wanna turn this dream into reality, you need to focus on content. You need to create the best content for the best results.

Now, creating the best content that ranks on search engines is never easy. It is hard and time-consuming but there are several tools and resources available on the Internet that can make your task a little easier.

In this article, I am gonna list 20 such tools and resources that every content marketer should use to skyrocket their blog’s growth.

Here we go.

20 Tools and resources for content marketers to use

keyword planners help you find and analyze search terms and phrases to bring visitors to the website

1. Keyword Research Tool

No matter how good and of high quality your content is if it is not SEO optimized then its never gonna rank on search engines.

As a content marketer, you always want your content to rank on Google but you know that content quality alone is not enough for ranking high on Google. You need to SEO your content to make it rank on Google.

And SEO begins with keyword research. Keyword research will make sure your content ranks on Google for the keyword of your choice.

Without keyword research, you will end up targeting no keywords or keyword with no search volume. If this happens all your hard work goes in vain and I suppose you don’t want that.

With keyword research, you can find keywords that have good search volume and with low SEO difficulty.

So make sure, you use some keyword research tool and do your keyword research before writing your content.

Some popular keyword research tool you can think of using are:

  • KWfinder: A tool designed specifically for keyword research. Free to use to some extent. You can research 2 keywords a day with the free plan. The tool will show you all data related to the keyword like its difficulty, ranking domain, and search volume.
  • Ubersuggest: The all free to use tool for keyword researching. This tool will generate keyword ideas for you and will help you find your ideal keyword. Not as effective as premium tools yet good when compared to other free keyword research tools.
  • Moz’s keyword explorer: This is a new tool by Moz. This tool will help you find the best keywords you can rank for. The tools show you several different metrics associated with keywords like search volume, average CTR and ranking domains.

2.yoast_seo The Yoast SEO plugin

This is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you On-page SEO your content. You can install this tool on WordPress and this tool will help you do your On-page SEO for the best.

On-page SEO comprises of all SEO tactics to make your content search engine optimized. Your search engine optimization campaign should begin with On-page SEO then you can think of checking other SEO aspects like off-page and Technical SEO. According to me, On-page SEO is the most crucial SEO aspect.

The Yoast SEO plugin comes in both free and paid version. The free version is all okay but the paid version has got some extra powers.

This is a must-have tool for all bloggers and content marketers.

3. SEOpresser Blog Title Generator

Perfect and catchy headlines are vital for your content. even if your article is great, no one would read it if its headlines do not attract readers. And remember headlines affects your CTR very much.

To make sure, you craft a perfect headline, you can use the SEOpresser blog title generator tool. Just open the tool and type a keyword and the tool will pull out hundreds of awesome headlines for your blog. You can choose any of them or modify them to craft the best headline.

The tool also comes as a WordPress plugin.

grammarly4. Grammarly

This is an insanely popular proofreading tool which corrects your grammar, spellings and makes your writing better with wording suggestions. You should always proofread your content before publishing it. Wrong grammar and spelling can damage your reputation as a blogger but more than that wrong grammar and spelling can also affect your conversion rate.

Yes, your readers become buyers only when they trust you. Wrong grammar and spellings can make your audience feel like you are an amateur writer and this can affect your conversion rate.

So make sure you always proofread your content before publishing. And when it comes to proofreading, Grammarly is the best tool out there.

The tool offers both a free and paid version. To know more you can check this link: https://www.grammarly.com/

quetext5. Quetext plagiarism checker

As a content marketer, you always wanna stay safe from being penalized. And you know plagiarism can get you penalized.

Quetext.com plagiarism checker tool is a tool to check for plagiarism in your content. You can write plagiarized content even by mistake so it is always safe to look for plagiarism in your content before publishing.

6. Pixabay

Using images in articles is always better as this would make your content more visually appealing. Readers always prefer to read content with images than content without any image. So you should also use images in your article. But as a blogger, you should know about copyright and should not use any image from any source.

You should always use high-quality images that are non-copyright. Pixabay.com is a place for people like me and you to get high-quality non-copyright images to use in articles.

Other resources you can use for getting non-copyright images for blog use are-

7. Awesome screenshot

We often need screenshots to explain things more visually and practically. The awesome screenshot chrome extension does the work for us. With this awesome screenshot chrome extension, you can easily capture screenshots in a click and can add arrows and circles into it.

8. canvaCanva

Canva is a tool for editing images and creating infographics, banners, and templates.

Infographics are an amazing way to present information visually. Infographics help your readers take the juice out of your article in a minute.

More than that, infographics is an amazing way to attract backlinks. Just one perfect infographic can get you a lot of backlinks.

Infographics are not easy to create and in order to create them, you require specially designed tools like canva.

Canva is free to use to some extent and can help you with any kind of photo editing or graphic designing.


9.Social warfare

You need to use social sharing buttons in your blog as to maximize social signals for SEO. But some social share plugins may slow down your site, so my recommendation is to use social warfare plugin which can help you embed social sharing buttons on your blog.

The plugin also counts social shares. This an easy to use and clean sharing plugin to use.

10. Buffer

When you are finished with writing a perfect SEO optimized article, the next thing you do is promote your article on social media. the buffer is a tool to automate your social media marketing.

The buffer is a social media management platform with an easy to use a dashboard to manage all your social accounts in one place. It helps you schedule your social media posts and review your posts stats.

The Buffer is undoubtedly the perfect social media management platform.

11. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool to find hot and popular topics that are most shared and influencers. Using this tool, you can find blog post ideas and then can find influencers to share your content.

twitter12. Click to tweet plugin

Click to tweet WordPress plugin helps you to make your quotes tweetable. Anytime you write a nice quote, add click to tweet feature on it and it can be easily shared on Twitter with a click. The click to tweet feature is just a line of code that the plugin adds in your content HTML.

Social signals are one of the Google ranking factors. The more social shares and like our site gets, the better it is for SEO. So using click to tweet plugin is a good decision for getting more twitter shares.

13. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform. If you are not a newbie content marketer, you would know how crucial is an email list is for content marketers.

An email list makes sure you don’t rely on only search engines for traffic and helps you get immediate traffic on your articles.

The key is you should start building an email list from day 1 and MailChimp will help you with that.

MailChimp is a free to use email marketing platform(up to 2000 subscribers) that can help you build your email list using pop-ups, sign -up forms, landing pages and slides -ins. And Mailchimp will manage it by sending automated and manual emails to your subscribers in the email list.

Google launched its analytics tool in November 2005 with some basic features. However, Google has updated its features from time to time

14. Google search console

Google search console is free to tool by Google that every webmaster should use.

With Google search console, you can get your site indexed in google, you can manage your site’s search presence, you can remove unwanted URL’s, you can monitor your site traffic, you can check your backlinks, site usability, and performance. And you can do a lot of things. This tool helps you manage your online presence.

15. Google analytics

Google analytics is a tool again by Google that helps you monitor your site traffic and analyze it.

With Google Analytics, you can see from what keywords you are getting traffic, from where your traffic is coming and for how much time your traffic is staying on your site, what is your bounce rate, what is CTR and a whole lot of things to analyze and improve.

This is a must-have tool for any webmaster.

pingdom and content marketer
Content marketer should be sure to have a fast website

16. Pingdom

Site speed matters in 2018. Only fast sites rank higher in search engine results so you need to make sure your site is fast. Before improving your site loading time, you need to first analyze your current load time and for this Pingdom is a perfect tool.

17. SERP’s

SERP’s rank tracking tool will let you check your search engine rankings for the specified keyword. Using this tool, you can know your present keyword rankings and can take measures to improve it.

18. Updraftplus

Using a backup plugin will help you stay safe from any future risk. Using a backup plugin will ensure you are 100% risk-free and your hard work does not get misplaced ever.

When it comes to a backup plugin, updraftplus is my first choice. This plugin is free to use. The plugin also has a premium version.

The best thing about updraftplus is it back up all your data and automatically stores it on one drive, outbox and other cloud platforms.

19. Egg timer

The egg timer is a wonderful productivity tool which will help you manage your time for the best.

You can tell egg timer tool how long you want to work for, how much time you wanna give to research, how many time to writing etc and your task time will be over, the egg timer tool will show you a pop-up.

This tool can be used to manage your limited time efficiently.

20. Wunderlist

This is yet another productivity tool to manage your time. This is a to-do list tool. With wunderlist, you can create tasks and subtasks and use them to manage your time.

Over to You

These were tools you can use to write better and skyrocket your growth. It’s hard to use all these tools together nor all of them are necessary but some of them are just vital for your content. So make sure you don’t miss those tools and resources.

That’s all. Hope this list helps and thanks for reading.